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Face mask of oatmeal

We all know that the natural mixturecooked at home are not only effective, but also natural. These cleansers can be prepared from a variety of vegetables, fruits, herbs, including flakes.


  • Useful properties of face masks of oatmeal
  • Face mask of oatmeal: the best recipes
  • Exfoliating Scrub homemade oatmeal

Useful properties of face masks of oatmeal

Not for no secret that oat meal actsa very valuable product, not only food, but also for skin care. Means of Hercules includes two components: ventramid and beta-glucan. They are characterized by unique antioxidant properties. In confirmation of the above facts, we draw attention to the fact that the medical cosmetic means are composed of these components.

facial mask with oatmeal

Almost any softening and moisturizing cosmetics inincluding the popular face mask of oatmeal contains effective immunomodulatory agents. Face mask of oatmeal acts as a carrier of many different active biological ingredients, minerals and vitamins. The main feature of which is the content of vitamin E, silicon. This porridge is characterized by a rejuvenating effect. It is able to rid the skin of wrinkles, and heal from colloidal scars. Enough talk about the beneficial properties, it is time to bring the most famous and effective masks recipes prepared at home.

Face mask of oatmeal: the best recipes

For the young beauties and mature ladies offer listthe best-known natural cosmetic products that are easy to prepare with his own hands. Any face mask of oat flakes involves coating the skin is absolutely clean, which is recommended to maintain for 20 minutes. Next, the skin must be opoloskat warm purified water. So, let's begin.

Face mask of oatmeal and honey: a recipe

The first recipe includes two completelyamazing ingredient - honey and cereal. They are able to correct any imperfections and give the skin freshness and radiance. As a matter of fact, it is anti-aging paste. How to cook a lot of oatmeal and honey? First, honey must be brought to a liquid state. Next, pour one teaspoon of the second component therein. As a result, should get a thick and sticky mass.

Face mask of oatmeal and milk: the recipe

The recipe of this tool is quite simple. To prepare the mammary mass necessary to take the following ingredients:

  • Oatmeal - a tablespoon.
  • Milk - a small amount. Milk is recommended to heat up.

All the ingredients are mixed and infused. This recipe is perfect for dry skin - it nourishes and moisturizes. To get rid of acne you need to cook a rare slurry. For its preparation are taken oatmeal and water. The resulting mass must lie on the face and even layer to dry. Once dry, it is washed off with plain water.

facial mask with oatmeal

Face mask of oatmeal: other options recipes

You can also cook a means of oatcereal and soda. This cleanser recommended 2 times in 7 days. This is enough to make the skin began to look better. Her recipe is simple. To do this, you must take:

  • 3 teaspoons of cereal.;
  • 1 teaspoon of baking soda;
  • water.

All ingredients are mixed and filled with water. This facial mask of oat flakes kept on the face for fifteen minutes.

facial mask with oatmeal

Exfoliating Scrub homemade oatmeal

In addition, the mask for the face of oatmealhas a rejuvenating effect, it is perfectly removes all the redness, removes blackheads and irritations. Here is a simple recipe for the scrub - oat cereal and salt. Scrub can be used both for normal and oily. For normal to dry skin in addition to the above components you want to add a few tablespoons of any vegetable oil. For oily and combination type is recommended to add a low-fat sour cream or sour cream. All the ingredients are blended and the resulting excellent otshelushevayuschaya paste.

The systematic application of the face maskoatmeal, cooked at home, give a much better result than, store cosmetics. In addition, such masks basis of only natural components that doubles their effect.

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