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eyebrow Mikrobleyding

It is unlikely that a woman there who have not heard abouttattooing eyebrows, or did not consider the photos before and after the procedure, hoping to find a good master, who "draws" the perfect eyebrows. Here are just a few of the masters depended: a vibrating machine did not allow to achieve a natural picture. But it is literally a new technique of manual tattoo in the past year - mikrobleyding eyebrows. And now we can say with confidence that we can draw realistic eyebrows.

And the result now depends on the abilities of 50%and artistic masters of taste. The fact is that the eyebrows mikrobleyding manually, i.e. individual hairs are drawn one by one - a specialist himself selects their length, and thickness direction, and not only the shape and width of eyebrows. The remaining 50% success is the correct training before and after care mikrobleydinga.

So let's understand all the nuances of this attractive procedure.

How do mikrobleyding eyebrows: the essence, the technique and procedure description

The concept of "mikrobleyding" isAnglicisms, was it from the fusion of two words: micro - and small blade - blade. The fact is that in contrast to hardware tattoo, mikroyleyding done with a special device similar to a thin blade with a handle at the end. They make the skin microcuts depth of only 2-3 mm, which is entered in the coloring pigment. Cutting width standard - 0,18 mm. It is in such a delicate technique lies the whole secret of the procedure: lack of vibration, large incisions and painstaking manual labor give stunning natural effect.

How do mikrobleyding eyebrows

In Europe, this technique is also called «eyebrow embroidery» - embroidery eyebrows.

In addition to purely cosmetic effect mikrobleyding has a number of indications:

  • congenital asymmetry of the eyebrows;
  • hair loss, alopecia, and any other tricology pathology;
  • interrupt brow line (due to scar or scars);
  • complete absence of eyebrows due to diseases.

Skillful hands of craftsmen will also help hidebald spots, sparse areas, lack of hair due to prolonged improper plucking. You no longer have to spend time every morning on applying makeup - eyebrows are perfectly straight, bushy, and their "non-natural" origin layman is difficult to find even with prolonged viewing at close range.

Unfortunately, mikrobleydinga procedure has a number of contraindications:

  • pregnancy and lactation;
  • skin hypersensitivity;
  • Low blood clotting;
  • any skin disease.

A variety of techniques mikrobleydinga

If you're still decided on this procedure,before you go to a specialist, think what effect you would like to receive? Depending on the type of machinery, and hence the complexity of procedure formed price and duration.

Shadow mikrobleyding or shading - this is the mostsparing procedure. It shows a fair-haired girls who are soft wheat eyebrows or gray shades. Master clear does not draw sharp lines, but instead causes light partial shade, to only slightly adjust the existing form and give a visual density of the eyebrows.

European hair or vice versa mikrobleydingcharacterized clarity - pigment injected under the skin in the form of single-line hairs. Most often, this technique is used when you need to dramatically change the shape of eyebrows or fill in bald spots.


Reconstruction - a more sophisticated method, the essence ofwhich is the full restoration of eyebrows after illness or maxillofacial trauma. Hairs are drawn from scratch, so it is very important to choose an experienced master, which will create natural effects, or at least a light make-up, rather than an artificial mask.

Staining «6D» or Eastern technique - thecomplex, and therefore expensive type mikrobleydinga. The essence of the procedure is to ensure that by means of a particularly fine blade to create eyebrows that are indistinguishable from the natural. Is carried out not only drawing hair and retouching flaws, creating extra volume and thickness by using several shades of coloring pigment, of varying length, the depth and direction of the cuts.

Stages mikrobleydinga procedures

Preparatory stage. A week before the visit to the salon, it is desirable to sit on the non-strict diet - refuse fried, too fatty and sugary foods, alcohol and smoking, to normalize oily skin. It is also necessary to peel session - it will help get rid of dead skin cells, and thus allow a better foothold coloring pigments.

Also, at least for 10-15 days you shouldforget about the existence of a pair of tweezers. The thick eyebrows grow back and manifest their natural form, the easier it will be to form a natural curve of the beautician and proportionate length.

Stages mikrobleydinga procedures

The procedure mikrobleydinga. The procedure should be preceded by a conversation with the master: it is necessary to understand your preferences clearly on the form, the color, the width of the eyebrows. When the master sketched pencil edge future eyebrows, be sure to ask a large mirror and consider the sketch. Remember, eyebrows should not be perfect in themselves - is much more important that they are in harmony with the contour of the face and eye shape.

Do not forget to agree in advance shade tattoo or just select a few different shades of pigment, if you plan on staining method «6D».

When all the organizational issues are solved, the masterremoves all excess hair, disinfects the skin and conducting a local anesthetic. So you can be sure - such pain as when tattooing will not. The maximum you can feel a slight burning or tingling at the end of the period of the anesthetic.

Protsedurv mikrobleydinga

The following 1.5-2 hours you'll have peacewait until the wizard has finished drawing the filaments. After the procedure, you will be sure to mirror, to evaluate the result. Be ready to see the bright ideal eyebrow, maybe, just a little swollen. But this delightful picture does not mean that you have achieved the goal - ahead of you are waiting for 3-4 weeks of recovery, during which the need to ensure proper care of micro-incision.

Terms of care after mikrobleydinga

Immediately after the end of the procedure you need to go to thepharmacy and buy there any disinfectant liquid vitamin complex that promotes wound healing and regenerating ointment (Bepanten, Pandoderm, Dexpanthenol). This set will be enough to heal and restore passed as quickly as possible. Here is another point differs from mikrobleyding tattooing eyebrows - after the tattoo to heal wounds accounted for much longer.

In the first two days, try to avoid longexposure to the sun, leisure, sports, as eyebrows prohibited watering. The maximum you can clean the skin disinfectant (it is possible to gently wash off the protruding transparent lymph). If you are interested in when you can soak eyebrows after mikrobleydinga, any qualified to say that this has allowed the third day after the procedure, but do so before complete healing can only boiled water.

On the second day of the puncture site beginformed thin crust - they are not allowed to remove. About a week later they will go into the process of natural exfoliation. If you want to speed up the process, ask the master than to smear his eyebrows after mikrobleydinga. But we are confident that he will advise the same ointment that are listed in the article.

Do not be alarmed if the eyebrows after healing willfaded and had a feeling that mikrobleyding not give a tangible effect. It is considered normal rate, if 25-30% of pigment leaves after healing. That is why after 4-6 weeks to pass a mandatory correction.

result mikrobleydinga What keeps? The answer to this question depends on the correct care of immediately after the procedure, as well as on the skin type. If normal skin drawn filaments may look great, and in a year after the procedure, the owners of oily skin is better to reassess the procedure not later than 9-11 months.

Answers to questions about the procedure mikrobleydinga

How goes mikrobleyding

Unlike tattoo pigment does not change colorsharply (black does not become over time, blue and Red will not give ryzhinoy), but just gradually fade. So do not worry if you do not want to repeat this procedure, nobody even guess about your experiments.

How to display mikrobleyding

Unsuccessful eyebrows will not wash away the "peopleways "- peroxide, olive oil or lemon juice. Colouring pigment is implanted under the skin, so it can only be discolored by a laser. And better with this procedure is not to delay - the longer you try to mitigate the effects of mikrobleydinga, the less likely to bring them through the hardware cosmetology.

What are the reviews of mikrobleyding procedure

As with any of the service, the views of the manual tattoo, thethere mikrobleydinge different. Some share spectacular photos before and after the procedure, while others blamed sloppy masters. Therefore, the council one: a serious approach to the choice of interior, who are entrusted with the beauty of their brows. Do not agree to become a "living mannequin" for the student, albeit in exchange for a good discount - disfigured face is not worth any money. Yes, and you will spend at the destruction of traces of the mountain master much more expensive.

How well the skin perceives pigment

In general, with proper care, any allergies,or inflammation does not occur, the pigment fine survives longer at the end of the month after the procedure. But as you know, without exception, can not do: there are times when the body perceives a pigment as a foreign body and, no matter what tricks rejects. Pre-reaction is almost impossible to predict, at risk of fall allergies only.

How long after mikrobleydinga it is forbidden to go to the swimming pool and sauna

The minimum period - 2-3 days, but it's better to play it safe and give Ranko heal without additional stimuli.

Is it possible to accelerate the healing of traditional methods

In good salons at the end of the wizard tattooI am obliged to give the client a memo on how to properly care for the eyebrows after mikrobleydinga. But if for some reason you have not received such advice or can not use the facilities referred to there, you can wash the wound weak broth chamomile.

Therefore, we advise you to try a new waytattooing eyebrows - we think that over time women completely abandon makeup in favor of more efficient techniques. But we ask you to take responsibility and to prepare, and the procedure itself, so you do not regret the wasted money and time.

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