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Eye makeup - cat eyes

The peak of popularity in the cat eye makeup - cateyes fell on the middle of the twentieth century, when the make-up artists drew attention to the sensitivity of the image. Brigitte Bardot and Sophia Loren are bright representative, whose eyes were decorated with feline arrows. Today, cat's eye makeup is also the most popular among the beauties.


How do eye makeup - cat eyes

Variations perform cat eye makeup is verya lot of. But the main principle is this correction shape of the eye due to its visual extension and contraction. Most often this is done with the help of arrows, which are drawn in eyeliner or pencil. Equally popular and other techniques: external shading shadows century. This is what it resembles smoke eyes, but differs from it more expressive line. Cat's arrows are for everybody.

Classic makeup - cat's eye


First you need to even out skin tone around the eye. To do this, we use a concealer.
On the eyes, apply a base, then eye shadowneutral color is best to use matte eye shadows, they are visually increase eyes. upper eyelid folds emphasize the darker shade, choose 1-2 shades darker than your base color.


Now, take a well-sharpened pencil for the eyes. Liquid liner can also be used, but only if you own it confidently. Arrow drawn in one motion, without lifting the pencil from the upper eyelid. Start can be either from the inner corner of the eye, or in the middle, and the finish is not on the outer corner of the eye, and a little further, raising the up arrow.

The line of the lower eyelid. Draw an arrow from the inner corner of the eye to the outside, and then are connected by the upper arrow to get one line.

Paint eyes ink. To enhance the effect of the cat's makeup, we put more mascara on the eyelashes, located on the outer edge of the eye. Do not forget to paint and bottom lashes.


Typically, the lower arrow is a little thinner,than the top. So look will not be overloaded with makeup. To achieve this result, you can begin to make the cat's bottom arrow, or hold a pencil on the upper eyelid 2 or 3 times.

Tips for beginners

For those who decided to make their own cat's eye, will share five basic tips to help make it qualitatively.

A hand in which you hold a pencil or eyeliner, rests on the table. If it is suspended, the hand can tremble and draw a straight arrow will not work.
When you draw a little arrow pull the eyelid to make was more perfect.
After drawing arrows in one eye, sharpen a pencil again.
The arrow should not begin suddenly, sharply. She should like to start from the lash line.
The closer the arrow to the inner corner of the eye, so it should be thinner. Line can thicken, approaching the outer edge of the eyelid.


Cats make-up with shadows

Now that we have an idea of ​​how to make a cat's eyes, try to do a complete makeover, using eye shadow.

Apply a broad brush bright shade on the entire eyelid.
Dark shadows create a smooth transition from the middle of the century in its outer edge, gradually obscuring it.
Open and close the eye several times. See the crease, which ends with the upper eyelid? On it we put a dark shadow applicator. The line must be connected with a dark spot at the outer edge of the century.
On podbrovnogo zone where the eyebrow ends, causes light teni.Tak look will be more open.


We had a blurred smoky eyes. To make from it turned out the cat's eyes, it is necessary to add the definition. Take a pencil and draw an arrow on the upper eyelid right over shadows.
The lower arrow, more subtle and elegant, is connected to the top in the corner of the eye and continues in a smooth line.
If the arrow seems too obvious against a background of shadows, can be a little shade of its applicator.
The final touch - to paint eyelashes.


Any irregularities and defects can be easily erasedcosmetic swab dipped in a solution for removing eye make-up. So do not be discouraged if something does not work the first time. Be persistent and do it!

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