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Elosoepilyatsiya: wonderful hair removal!

The problem is the removal of unwanted hairvital for modern women as fashion trends clearly favor a clean and smooth skin. To achieve this status today helps elosoepilyatsiya, which is one of a new generation of techniques in cosmetology.

What is the procedure for this and how it works, you can find out in our today's article.

What Is Elos

Elosoepilyatsiya - a modern method of hair removal,which involves the rapid and effective relief from "the coat." Using innovative technology allows you to do hair removal procedure safer, faster and more comfortable.

The principle of operation is based on Elos technologya harmonious combination of light and radio wave energy, as a result of which are formed at specific wavelengths and provide deep painless removal of hair in the specified location.

According to cosmetologists, elosoepilyatsiya todayIt is one of the best methods that destroy the structure of the hair and allow to interfere with their occurrence again. Thus, epilation Elos makes it possible to get rid of unwanted hair quickly and permanently!

How is the procedure

The session Elos epilation isspecialized cosmetic procedure that is performed by authorized personnel using a special apparatus. Therefore elosoepilyatsiya at home - rather myth than reality.

Before starting the procedure beautician handlesthe required area of ​​skin cooling gel, which has a high light transmission capacity, and then performs the processing of each hair bulb strong light flashes at short intervals.

In the course of the procedure is carried outcooling the treated skin area, which allows to reduce the pain to a minimum. A control of the intensity of the effects on the skin makes it possible to eliminate the negative impact and prevent damage to the skin.

The result is a successful procedure:

  • The lack of hair;
  • Smooth as a baby's skin;
  • The ability to avoid irritation;
  • Development of skin elastin and collagen.

important factorCan not sunbathe and conduct in hair removalwithin two weeks prior to the procedure. During this period, you should avoid deep peels by chemical means, as well as to refrain from cosmetic injections. Starting procedure is at the optimum length of 1-2 mm hairs.

care Features

After the session, experts stronglyrecommend to avoid direct contact with sunlight and completely abandon the solarium. In addition, it is necessary to lubricate the hair removal place a sunscreen with a high SPF-factor.

Also, during the three days after the treatment can not besauna and two weeks rule out an in-depth chemical peel. In addition, within 2 hours after the procedure is not recommended to wet the area of ​​hair removal, and eliminate the use of alcoholic tonics.

Important "but"!

For the success of the procedure asseveral important factors must be considered. Therefore, if you are preparing to go to the reception beautician, read this list, so you do not blame the master in case of failure.

Elos epilation can not act if:

  • You lead intake of birth control pills;
  • Apply gormonosoderzhaschie spiral;
  • You are in a state of extreme stress;
  • Experiencing a period of acute hormonal changes (pregnancy, breastfeeding, abortion, menopause);
  • You have chronic adrenal disease, thyroid disorders or in the hypothalamus.

All these factors have a direct impact on the quality of elosoepilyatsii, and from them depends the successful hair removal.


However elosoepilyatsii technique involves a number ofcontraindications, which necessarily need to study before going to the beautician. Typically, this is a list of diseases that significantly affect the immune system and may cause side effects for the organism weakened.

Therefore it is better to abandon the procedure if:

  • you expect a baby or breast-feed him;
  • suffering from hypertensive disease;
  • You have thyroid problems;
  • apply anticoagulants and frequently encounter thrombosis;
  • there have various dermatological infections that affect the integrity of the skin;
  • to the list of chronic diseases include porphyria or systemic lupus erythematosus;
  • There are large, overgrown scars on the skin;
  • there are moles that are typical of precancerous lesions;
  • you are inclined to allergic reactions to sunlight or cold;
  • procedures in the area of ​​metal implants are present;
  • a stimulant of the heart muscle is attached.

We pointed out the main list of contraindications forelosoepilyatsii, but if you know of any individual characteristics of your body and the security procedures are in doubt, we recommend that you always consult with your doctor.

If you are interested elosoepilyatsiya bikiniarmpits or hair removal in the breast area, then you must first visit breast physician and undergo ultrasound examination. This will avoid possible health problems and detect the presence of contraindications.

Back Does your hair?

Many women are concerned about whether or not to resumehair growth in the future. Since footprint Elos treatments include only the hair follicles in the active growth phase, the removal procedure is uneven.

For example, on their face in a moment canbe up to 65%, so elosoepilyatsiya upper lip is held for a faster time. Feet, in this less fortunate here at the same time only 20% of the hair can be in the active growth phase, so the number of procedures require significantly greater.

The next session is held when sleepingmoving follicles in growth apparatus and processed, too. Previously deleted hair no longer grows. Reviews of girls say that the on-site hair removal only lightweight fluff can emerge over time, which is very difficult to remove successfully using the conventional means of depilation.

Comparison with other types of hair removal

Today, in addition to the operations of Elos, there are two methods of hair removal, which are quite popular among women, laser hair removal and epilation.

Consider the main differences of these procedures:

Unlike photoepilation Elos epilation enables to get rid of all types of hair, regardless of their location area. Laser hair removal involves only the removal of gray hair and light-colored hair;

  • Features allow light hair removalget rid of the unwanted vegetation is only 1-2 years, and after the hair growth is almost restored. Elosoepilyatsiya contributes to the complete destruction of the hair follicle and after the 8-10 procedures helps to completely prevent the appearance of hair in the future, regardless of the zones of the procedure;
  • The main difference between laser and elosoepilyatsiiIt is the comfort of the procedure. But epilation Elos delivers virtually pain, while the use of laser causes discomfort, although showing good results on dark hair.

Thus, applying method can elosoepilyatsiisuccessfully get rid of unwanted hair for 8-12 sessions. The duration of the result depends on the individual characteristics of the human hormonal system.

Some people manage to remove all intrusivehair, and someone is watching is not very long lasting effect on the procedure. In any case, it's worth it, because elosoepilyatsiya has enough rave reviews! Be healthy and attractive!

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