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Do gommazh Suitable for the whole body

If you always dreamed to look like theactress, it does not mean that you need to go under the knife or do multiple injections of different chemical nastiness. All this can be achieved and at home.

You've probably often heard of suchprocedure as scrub. The word in French means "eraser". That is the principle of the procedure can be explained as: a variety of dead skin cells and dirt are erased from the skin by applying to it a special cream, mask or gel.

Why do we need such a procedure? It would seem that nature has provided samochistitelny same mechanism by which our skin needs to get rid of their own stratum corneum. Unfortunately, with age, a similar mechanism begins to work very badly. This means that a large number of all sorts of harmful substances on our body is delayed. As a result, you get a variety of inflammation, pimples and other minor troubles.

And, it would seem a trifle, a small pimple. But the mood is already spoiled. Therefore, in order to enable you to successfully avoid such troubles, now we will talk about what a scrub for the body, face and legs. Consider as well as to apply this procedure to restore hair beauty.

Masks Facial scrub

The person - it is known to be a business cardeach girl. That is why you need to pay a lot of attention to care for him. A scrub mask - this is one of the best ways to keep youth and beauty for years to come. For example, constantly using them, you can forget about rashes, redness and pimples.

Now, your skin will be smooth and even. A reduced blood flow will cause the normal complexion and lack of excess sebum. As a result, the skin will cease to shine and become a "porcelain".

Pamper yourself this procedure can be no more thanthree times a week, because despite the fact that the cleaning takes place more gently than the peeling, the skin will still need to rest. So be sure to give your body time to recover skin. And if you have a dry skin type, it is not recommended to use these funds more frequently than once a week.

Masks scrub is applied to clean skin. It is advisable to wash just before the procedure and not to wipe the end face to the skin was a little bit of water. Apply the product is soft circular motions, parallel easy massaging every centimeter face.

The means should be left on the face for a fewminutes. And when it dries out a bit, gently remove the crust formed, while being careful not to damage the skin. Attention! Do not wait until the mask will be very hard, in this case remove it safely will not work.

This means you can buy almostany cosmetic shop, but you can prepare it and improvised at home. To do this, you can mix one teaspoon of rice flour and dried cream. To the resulting mixture, add two tablespoons of barley flour.

All this mix thoroughly and apply on face. The result will be visible in a few procedures.

As you can see, scrub - this is something that will allow you to always look young and attractive. So do not be lazy and spend a little time on a favorite.

Body scrub

Using the tool body, you will not onlyYou can preserve youth, but also to get rid of cellulite. As for the body, you will need a lot more of the money than for those that offer to store the mixture in a dry form in small special jars.

Before using such meansit is recommended to take a hot bath. So your whole body steam and nutrients much easier to get into the pores. Apply the scrub on the body is with light patting movements, as if hammering the mixture into the skin. But here, the main thing is not to overdo it because too strong cotton can cause irritation.

But during the flushing of the body necessary to masktry as little as possible to stretch the skin, because, otherwise, you can get a small stretch marks on the skin. And that we completely useless, because we still want to sunbathe on the beach in the beautiful outdoor bathing suit.

To prepare a wonderful nutrient mixture, you will need:

  • Two hundred milliliters of whipped cream;
  • Fifty grams of dried milk. Coconut milk can be used to greater effect, if any, it is available;
  • Five grams of pectin. This ingredient is only required to make the whipped cream did not lose shape;
  • Few small chips coke.

Now gently whisk the cream with pectin toa thick foam, to which should be added a bit of coke oven chips. Once you have mixed everything again, we shift the resulting mixture in a jar, tightly close the lid and put her vehicle in a dark dry and cool place. Here and ready to scrub our bodies. Now you only need to apply it and enjoy the pleasure of such a procedure.

Gommazh leg

Looking after your body, do not forget aboutlegs. After all, they also play an important role in the creation of our image. And the problem with them is much alone cracks and roughness of the feet are worth. That is why it is so important to nourish the skin of feet, filling every cell of all the necessary vitamins and minerals. And help us in this, too, scrub.

The action in this case gommazh fairly widespectrum. It will help to improve blood circulation in the skin of the feet, returning them at the same time soft and velvety. Now as to how to choose the best tool for gommazha.

In this case it is better not to try to make itmeans in the home, because it will be too soft for the coarsened skin of the feet. So the best solution is to purchase a gel or a cream in a cosmetic shop.

If you love the smell of lavender, you can draw attention to a series of Soin Vegetal. Cost, of course, a little discouraged, but it's worth it, because the result is noticeable after two - three procedures.

Before use, be sure to steam out legs,the microparticles were free to get even in the deepest layers of the skin, clearing them from contamination. Now, spray on feet and heels with light massage movements. Holding the vehicle on the skin a few minutes, be sure to wash it off with warm water without soap. That's all. As a result, you get beautiful legs and rosy heels!

Gommazh hair: what it is

Gommazh for hair and body - it's not the same thing. The difference lies in the fact that the means for the person - it is a way of getting rid of a variety of problems and complete clearance from the stratum corneum. But gommazh hair - it is an aid for laying.

The undoubted advantage is that almost every scrub is suitable for all hair types, so you will not have too long to investigate cosmetics stores in search of the right kind.

Laying in this case the most susceptibletips, because we all know what they are naughty sometimes. Thanks to its flexible structure, this allows you to scrub your hair put into any hairstyle without requiring additional fixing varnish. So it's kind of the same protection as in Hairspray is absolutely free of any nutrients. only harmful.

Distributed gommazha effect and when appliedon dry or damp hair. For example, on wet hair, it allows you to give shape to the entire hairstyle. That is, you can actually forget about the ugly one strand arches. With scrub you'll be perfectly laid. But on dry hair, it can put only the tips.

As for where you can take a similarI mean, the answer is only one - in the beauty shop. Do any scrub for at home hair is not recommended, because you may not mix certain ingredients and remain without any hair. So it is better not to risk it!

As you can see, scrub - it is absolutely amazinga thing that has a miraculous effect on the whole body. So if you have finally decided to start with their appearance, there is no better means you will not find!

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