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Discharge from the breast with pressure: Causes

By abnormal discharge relates secretiondifferent color and consistency, which may be transparent, dark, sticky particles from the blood. Selections may be accompanied by pain, the formation of seals, nipples swelling, increase or change in the structure of the mammary glands.

Reasons for discharge from the breast

Development of colostrum within the first 9 monthspregnancy and after the cessation of lactation is not a pathology. Norma considered minor and clear discharge before menstruation, and at the time of excitation, which may be related to hormones.

Pathological causes of discharge from the breast:

  • galactorrhea caused by hormonal imbalance;
  • ectasia the milk ducts;
  • intraductal papilloma;
  • breast;
  • malignant neoplasms;
  • chest injury;
  • inflammation of the breast;
  • antidepressants, such as amitriptyline and similar medications.

Consider every reason to discharge from the breast alone.

galactorrhea - Abnormal discharge breastmilk, colostrum when pressed, not related to the child's feeding process. The disease can be caused by hormonal disorders, benign tumors of the pituitary, hypothalamus functions and disorders of the thyroid gland.

Ectasia the milk ducts It represents pathological change inmilk breast ducts. The disease can be identified by the seals in the area of ​​the breast, nipple, who becomes embroiled with thick, sticky, dark secretions. Usually ectasia affects women older.

intraductal papilloma - Benign tumor,growing in the mammary ducts, accompanied by abundant transparent, pink or greenish discharge. The disease also occurs in older women.

disease of the breast - Benign breast disease,characterized by the growth of connective tissue. Mastopatia accompanied by tenderness in the breast and nipple discharge, which can be both transparent and bloody, brown and greenish pus.

chest trauma accompanied by pain and bloody abundant or spotting that as healing acquire a yellowish color.

Malignant neoplasms (breast cancer) -cancer usually takes years without any symptoms, but at some point may report themselves seals in the mammary glands, enlarged lymph nodes in the armpits, skin erosion, symmetry breaking and breast secretions from transparent to bleeding and even purulent.

Identify the color selections disease

Typically, transparent, white and yellow separationnot always indicate a pathological process development. At the same time, green, brown, mixed with blood are a sign of a serious illness, which led to an urgent medical examination.

Clear selection - If the allocation of flow without any changes in the mammary glands, the phenomenon can be caused by stress, hormonal imbalance, hormonal contraceptives.

White isolation - During pregnancy and in the first months after thecessation of lactation are the norm. In other cases, the appearance of white secretion when pressed shows galaktoree caused by enhanced production of estrogen and an increase in prolactin hormone. Occasionally secretions can be associated with pathological changes in the hypothalamus and pituitary gland, thyroid gland disorders.

Yellow allocation - Are not a sign of a dangerous disease, but you should definitely be tested. Also, a light-yellow milky secretion may be one of the signs of pregnancy.

Green selection - Is a clear sign of mastitis. Consistency discharge - thick and slimy. Always accompanied by seals in the mammary glands and soreness in the chest.

Brown allocation - It can be caused by bleeding in the milk ducts, as well as the development of mastitis and malignancies. As a rule, dark and sometimes black color due to the presence of blood.

Bloody issues - One of the most serious that can speakabout the development of cancer or intraductal papilloma. Also, strong or smearing blood-red highlight may appear due to injuries to the chest.

purulent discharge - Caused by inflammatory and infectious processes in the chest. There is a temperature, pain, redness of the skin in the nipple area, swelling and breast swelling.

To which the doctor ask for vydeleyaniyah

Upon detection of discharge, irrespective of color andconsistency, necessarily need to undergo a medical examination by a gynecologist. After examination, the doctor will send the further examination, which may include the following diagnostics:

  • inspection of mammalogy;
  • mammography;
  • Analysis of blood and fluid secreted from the breast;
  • Breast ultrasound;
  • dochogram or breast MRI.


Regardless of color discharge from the breast, and the absence of pain, do not put off visits to the doctor. Any changes in mammary glands can be a sign of serious illness.

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