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Correction face

In real life, people with rareideal features. If you wish to get closer to the ideal of beauty you will greatly benefit the possession of the secrets of applying make-up, which will help correct the facial features and create visual harmony.

Correction of different facial types

There are several main types of persons who have to create a perfect image can be corrected using the correct technique of makeup.


To determine the type of person and skilfullyto correct irregular features with the help of cosmetics, it is necessary, first of all, go to the mirror and determine what type include your face: oval, round, square, rectangular, triangular, trapezoidal or diamond-shaped.

Correction round face

A round face is characterized by blandchin and the same horizontal and vertical proportions. The main task of correction, thus becoming the "extension" of a person and a visual reduction in volume of the cheeks. To do this, darken the side surface of the face blush natural brown.


It is advisable to close to the chin color blushIt became more intense. The tip of the chin, you can brighten the powder very light shade. To enhance the effect of narrowing the face should be applied on cheekbones blush basic shape of a triangle, stretched to the corners of the mouth.

Correction square face

A square face is characterized by the samewidth and length of the person pronounced angles of the mandible. In this case, the purpose of correction is to "facilitate" the lower part of the face, smoothing the angular forms and visual narrowing of the face.


Additional blush and shadows natural color can "soften" the rectangular outline of the forehead and lower jaw. Main blush applied to the cheeks in the shape of a triangle, elongated to the temples.

Correction of a rectangular face

For a rectangular face is characterized by a significantthe predominance of vertical dimensions of the horizontal and pronounced lower jaw shape. The purpose of correction - a visual extension of the person by means of lightening the side surfaces of the light powder and applied to the middle portion of the main cheeks blush in the form of feathered ovals.


The diagram shows a rectangular face withproportionate features. With this type are often found high brow and (or) an elongated chin. In this case, the vertical size can be visually reduced darkening blush chin and the upper part of the forehead.

Correction triangular face

Triangular face is characterized by a pronounced sharp chin. The purpose of correction - the upper trim (wide) side of the face with a narrower bottom.


To do this, darken furtherblush temporal area of ​​the forehead and frontal mounds, and then pointed chin, brightened with the jawline. Main blush applied to the cheeks just above the projecting part in the shape of a rhombus.

Correcting Keystone person

The trapezoid face has a heavy jaw. The upper part of the face gives the impression of "constricted." Using visual correction can reduce the expansion and the lower part of the temporal region.


To do this, you must darken the lower jaw additional blush and basic blush applied to the cheeks in the form of a rectangle, feathered to the temples.

Correction diamond-shaped face

Diamond-shaped face - broad in cheekbones and narrowthe upper and lower parts. In this type of purpose of correction is to soften the angular shape face. An additional color is darkened side surface of the cheeks, and the main blush are applied in the form of two lobes: the darker the color - on the protruding part of the cheekbones and bright - on podskulovuyu cavity with a view to easing.


Thus, the hollow under the cheekbone becomes less noticeable. If you want, on the contrary, emphasize the cheekbones, then they apply a basic blush, and under the cheekbones - darker color.

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