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Cleansing the face with a peeling

Peeling face relates to the means for itsdeep cleaning. The purpose of peeling face - exfoliate dead horny cells, to make the surface smooth skin, cleanse the skin from all impurities and stimulate the renewal of the epidermis.

What is peeling face

For a deeper cleansing requiredmechanical and chemical peels, they effectively exfoliates dead layers of the skin, stimulating cell renewal, thereby supporting the youth of the skin. For the mechanical exfoliation scrubs and there gommazhi. The composition of scrubs includes small and large abrasives (almond or apricot pits in the ground). Scrubs with larger particles suitable for cleaning oily skin, with fine - for the normal.

For deep cleansing dry and sensitivethe skin is recommended to use gommazhi because they include no fine particles. After the application of such funds should be a little wait, until a crust. Then wet hands as it is necessary to roll his skin, whereby with the means to be removed and a layer of dead cells.


Scrub can be used to owners of oilyskin twice a week, dry - once every two weeks. In the case of persons with problematic type scrub generally contraindicated, since it can happen the spread of infection across the face, it is better to use the peels on the basis of acids intended for home care.

Peeling Skin Rejuvenation

Ultrasonic peeling is also effectivepurification procedure. The procedure is painless, and during purification by ultrasonic waves horny cell layer is removed without damaging young cells.


Laser peeling - this is a very effectiveprocedure which is carried out in special cosmetic clinics. occurs through laser skin resurfacing, is erased traces of wrinkles, including around the eyes, scars, wrinkles, scars. The procedure is performed under anesthesia. However, this method of purification and rejuvenation of the skin followed by a long recovery period (about a month) for carrying out such procedures should consult with a highly qualified specialist. Superficial peeling fruit acids is not less effective, and the rehabilitation period will be significantly reduced. However, this procedure does not eliminate the existing scars, but it is safe and you can hold it and in the home.


Skin care after peeling

face Toning

After cleaning activities face skin needstoning. Tonics perfectly remove the remnants of dirt, narrows the pores and restore the acid-alkaline balance. Use the tonic for sensitive skin after peeling your skin will be very sensitive to the cosmetics. As a tonic massage treatments can be done with ice cubes for half a minute.



Now the skin is cleansed and toned and needsmoistening. Any cream with moisturizing effect, suitable for your skin type and age to apply for the massage lines. During the application, you can do the easy self-massage that improves blood circulation and accelerate the penetration of nutrients into the cells.


Face packs.

Cosmetic masks are considered to be the perfect complement to the care of the skin after peeling. Effectively do moisturizing mask after peeling the skin is in need of moisture and protection.


Nutrition and skin care after peeling

For facial skin supply enough usespecial night cream, again corresponding to your skin type and age. Apply it should also after cleaning procedures. As part of the cream must be present antioxidant vitamins E, A, C, F, which perfectly softens the skin, eliminating the feeling of tightness and irritation.

To choose the right cosmetic productsit is recommended to consult a beautician, as is not always the people who have the same skin type, fit the same cosmetic. All especially individually, and requires a special approach.

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