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Cleansing facial for your skin type

Choosing the ideal tool for cleaning person

You can neglect any stage of home care, butnot only cleansing. What is important is to determine the right tool that will suit you, depending on the type of kozhi.Kak correctly choose the perfect product for daily cleansing of the skin.

Cleansing and care for oily skin

The characteristics of the fatty skin type - wide pores, shine, dark spots, acne and inflammation. All these problems are usually associated with increased activity of sebaceous glands.
For oily skin should choosetools with a light texture. For daily washing is recommended to use foam or gel. In addition to the cleaning agents and cosmetologists recommend to choose the right tonic. Matting and absorbent effects are welcome, but this does not mean that a part of funds should contain alcohol - alcohol solutions briefly to help cope with greasy luster, but in the future may greatly injure the upper layer of the skin retain moisture it. As additional care products should also be used peels and mask. Cream choose a light texture.


Cleansing and combination skin care

Combination skin - it shine, blackinflammation and frequent point in the T-zone. Care for combination skin should combine a number of important steps. First, using a regular cleansing foams and gels alcohol-free basis. If you notice that the skin on particularly sensitive areas of reddened or start to peel off, on time, give preference to the micellar water. Wipe the face tonic based on natural components, focusing on problematic T-zone. Twice a week is recommended to use a cleansing mask. Very effective are peels powder that gently remove dirt and clean the pores on the chin and nose wings.


Cleaning and care of dry skin of the face

Peeling, rosacea, redness and spots - hereonly a few of the challenges faced by holders of dry skin type. Due to the fact that the sebaceous glands do not secrete sufficient amounts of sebum, it is a violation of the protection functions, so that the skin begins to suffer from dehydration. As a result - the formation of premature wrinkles and loss of the general tone of the tissues. In the dry type of skin is not recommended to wash in running water tight, it is better to give preference to cleansing milk. To remove makeup residues can be used tonics based on plant components or hypoallergenic micellar water. The use of scrubs and peels are not recommended to the selection of masks also should be treated with special attention, choosing funds marked "for nutrition and hydration." The main components in products for home care of dry skin shall be hyaluronic acid, vitamins A and E, amino acids. From salon treatments are ideal for injection or laser biorevitalisation - to saturate the cells with hyaluronic acid.


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