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Causes of Cellulite: what provokes "orange peel"

What for you is the concept of an idealbeautiful body? It is likely to shape, size, degree of development of muscles, thin waist, smoothness and elasticity of the skin. That's smoothness and elasticity of the skin necessarily need to talk in more detail. To your skin has always had an attractive appearance, it is necessary to constantly fight with the terrible enemy, as cellulite.

What is cellulite and how to fight it

You say now that even 30-40 years ago no oneeven I had no idea about this concept. To be precise, the woman did not know that cellulite is their worst enemy. Times change, and now even every schoolgirl knows that it spoils the skin, its look and feel. How to deal with it?

Cellulite has been at all times, but only in our dayit was seen as a clear disadvantage of the female body. Look closely, because even in the paintings of the great artists who depicted naked beauties can clearly see cellulite.

He never hid and did not consider his appearance problem.

On the contrary, "orange peel" was a clear sign of feminine beauty, as indicative of health.

Cellulite refers to changing the structure of adipose tissue. These changes occur as a result of metabolic characteristics.

Cellulite only affects women, sincethe female body is initially greater fat mass than men. The medical term is called the designation of cellulite edematous fibrous panniculopathy or cellulitis and fat lipodystrophy, nodular liposkleroz, edematofibrosklerotichesky cellulitis. The cellulite is popularly known as "orange peel syndrome".

Cellulite is the first stage is almost every woman after 20 years. In some cases, the appearance of cellulite can be seen even from the girls at the time of puberty.

Moreover, thanks to numerous studies, it became known that the causes of cellulite - it is more or less a way of life that we lead.

Most of all - it is sedentary, wearing high heels, poor diet, frequent stressful situations and a set of bad habits such as smoking and regular alcohol consumption.

Moreover, one of the significant factors is exactly stress, which is present in every woman's life.

To find out whether you are"Happy" owner of "orange peel" and identify the causes of cellulite on your ass quite a bit to put pressure on the skin of the buttocks and thighs, putting the fingers of one hand across the muscle fibers, and the second at a distance of a few centimeters from the first. If you slightly move the arms towards each other and see dimples and bumps - this is a clear sign that now is the time to start an active struggle for the beauty of his body.

Stages of development of cellulite

In fact, not all, but rather, very few know about what causes cellulite female legs and that its development occurs in several stages.

A total of three:

  • Solid cellulitis (present in all women, and even in adolescents), while it is practically impossible to notice and "orange peel" almost does not occur;
  • At the second stage of "orange peel" pronounced with typical cellulite bumps and dimples;
  • "Soft" or "friable" cellulite - this is the thirdstage. During this period, the formation of cellulite appear most pronounced. areas of the body that struck cellulite, almost losing its shape, the skin ceases to be smooth and elastic, bumps and dimples can now even watch without any pressing on the skin.

Causes of Cellulite are:

The low level of mobility;

Poor nutrition;

Frequent wearing high heels unstable;

Frequent stress conditions;

Bad habits (alcohol, smoking);


The last three points - the main causes of cellulite in lean.

How to get rid of the annoying "orange peel"?

At least 1-2 from all of the abovein our lives it is always present, and this indicates that the cellulite on the pope, the feet, the hands can be absolutely every girl or woman.

In order to minimize its progression, it is necessary to limit the maximum all those negative factors which adversely affect health.

This includes smoking and alcohol.

If you can not completely get rid of them, then the maximum limit will help them stop the process.

It is equally important to give your body a rest from womentight clothes (bras, panties Waist and others). From this improved blood microcirculation and is less likely to have the appearance of cellulite.

As for food, then your main principle should be:

  • Moderation;
  • Diversity;
  • Limit starchy foods and sweets;
  • A minimum of salt and sugar;
  • How much fruit and vegetables in the diet.

Professional Advice

From this illness can not be avoided forever, but to begin to identify the cause and treatment of cellulite, thus reducing the degree of its manifestation as possible if:

Drink 1-1.5 liters of pure mineral water per day;

To prepare the daily diet with the mandatory inclusion of fresh greens and vegetables;

Eat meat and fish products and vegetables, not potatoes, and pasta;

Regularly take care of the body skin (do physical exercises, massage, use special cosmetics).

Any disease is easier to prevent than to treat. The same can be said about cellulite.

However, if you do not think and do not engage in it before, then you have time to think about what the treatment of this disease. Let's look at the options.

All kinds of cosmetics can have a different effect on cellulite.

The difference is in the active components, which are included in their composition:

  • Mechanical components - penetrate deep into the skin and liquefy fat while expanding blood vessels;
  • Decongestants components - contribute to the removal of excess fluid and the removal of edema;
  • Venotonicheskie components - resist the penetration of glucose in the cells, which are involved in the formation of fat;
  • Enzymatic components - contribute to the conclusion of exchange and release of fat accumulations products.

We all know that cellulite can be the pope and his feet, however, there are women who suffer from cellulite on their hands.

Such cellulite bumps gives them a lot of problems, forcing his hands to hide under clothing, while the forearm grows fat, become flabby and close fitting to clothes.

Advanced stages of cellulite on their hands accompanied by a still painful sensations, cramps, rupture of small blood vessels.

What causes cellulite in the female hands full? One of the first reasons - a violation of venous blood flow that happens more often in women of advanced age.

To combat cellulite on your hands is importantfollow all the above rules, and in addition to perform simple exercises with dumbbells, and if health permits, and then perform the push-ups, pull-ups, to be engaged in the weights. Keep track of yourself and stay healthy!

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