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Caring for the skin around the eyes

Since no eyelid skin sebaceous glands and fatcells, it is ultra-thin and extremely sensitive, so in need of special attention and care. In addition, the facial expressions in the area negatively affects the external condition of the area. It is in this area the first wrinkles appear. Constant hydration and nutrition of this area should be the first rule of every woman.


How to care for the skin around the eyes

Special means to deal with soft Centurypat from the inner corner to the outer. Provide funds to soak, then remove residues using cosmetic wipes. Such means is important to choose according to the problem you want to solve (with lifting effect from swelling and dark circles under the eyes, etc.). When selecting funds should give priority to those, which is marked "passed ophthalmologic control means."


Mask for the eye area

Use protective equipment - requiredcondition of full skin care. In the compositions of your daily's Skin funds must be present protective factors, especially in the summer time, the SPF in the winter at least 20, in the summer - not less - SPF 35. When buying a protective agent should choose the ones that contribute to the production of collagen.


Such means are aligned skin relief, increaseits barrier function, improve the complexion. Also very effective are different masks for the eye area, patches under eyes - they are imbued with a very rich solution that is beneficial to your daily care.


In the care of the skin around the eyes are important integrated approach, persistence and thoroughness.

To avoid morning edemashould renounce the use of liquid the day before (preferably after eight hours). In addition, funds for eyelids and the skin should be applied no later than one hour before bedtime.


After thirty years, once a month, it is important to go to the beautician, in fact in this period of cleansing and moisturizing is not enough, important professional care.

Be sure to visit specialistLymphatic drainage massage. The procedure is done the course, consisting of a number of procedures, the number of which is determined by taking into account the condition of the skin. This procedure aims to improve the microcirculation of the blood, resulting in improved skin tone, smoothes wrinkles and nasolabial folds. The effect persists for several months.


Do not give up the use of specialsera. They must be used for day and night creams. The active compounds are concentrated in a high concentration, which facilitates their penetration into the deeper layers of the epidermis. Serum should be used twice a year, in spring and autumn.


Do not be lazy, and the skin of your face will respond to you thanks!

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