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Can I get pregnant from a man lubrication

Conception - the fusion of sperm and egg -while it seems to be possible only at full refusal of contraceptives. But with experience comes the question: Is it possible to get pregnant only by men lubricant, if you first enjoy themselves without protection, and then put on a condom? Or try out the method of interruption of sexual intercourse?

Whether you're avoiding the appearance of the baby oron the contrary are looking for any methods of conception - the question "is it possible to get pregnant from a man lubrication" is relevant to any woman, not quite savvy in such disputes. Read carefully - in such sensitive matters better deal until the end of time, than constantly tormented by doubts and torment of his partner.

Does sperm in men lubricant available?

Nature conception disassemble does not make sense - youclearly you know where the new life appears. Much more interesting another point: whether the presence of sperm in the male may mucus, which appears in moments of great excitement? So - what is colloquially referred to as male grease, scientifically referred to as "pre-ejaculate" or "Cowper's fluid". This colorless viscous substance is released from the glands of Cooper and Littre glands, its amount can vary from about 0.01 ml and achieve record volumes of 5 ml. The amount depends on the individual, the presence of bad habits and the state of the genitourinary system man.


Options before ejaculate following: What You Need to Know

Participation in curtailing man's sperm; performancethe role of lubrication; neutralizing residual acidic environment of the female vagina and urethra men hostile to sperm. That is, initially Cowper's fluid has nothing to do with pregnancy - it does not contain genetic material, and performs more technical functions. In no random seed does not penetrate the gland Littré and Cooper, so in itself part of the male lubrication can lead to conception.

Pregnancy from the man lubrication: myth or reality?

The myth that the lubricant can causePregnancy, in fact, is not unfounded. The fact is that the harmless discharge can bring a seminal fluid from the urethra channel that has remained there after ejaculation. It turns out that the risk of pregnancy by secretions Man is only in the case where the sexual intercourse without contraception occurs within a few hours after masturbation or previous sexual contact. In this case, it is likely that conception will occur, so it is better not to risk it and use local contraceptives. Extensive medical research on this subject is not conducted, so the mechanism described above, based on the basis of several small independent studies. Even if the possibility of the presence of sperm in Cowper's fluid is only 0.01%, the risk of substantial - you remember that to fertilize only one viable sperm? Of course, pregnancy may never come - all also depends on the condition of the female body, it is ready to conceive. Some at this point might think about another myth: that pregnancy is impossible during menstruation and during 1-3 days after. But immediately dismisses this prejudice - conception theoretically (and practically too) is possible at any day of the cycle. Just probability of this event is somewhat different. Therefore, the answer is obvious: to get pregnant from a man lubrication, as such, it is impossible, but here on the grease, which got at least some sperm flow from the urethra after the previous act - it is possible.

Is there a way to remove the remnants of sperm for a safe re-act

The official medicine does not advise and contrivetry to protect yourself and your partner "improvised methods." Although the Internet is replete with similar methods. For example, the most common method is as follows: first, go to the toilet, to the acidic environment has led to immobilize the male seed, and then take a thorough shower with soap, which is supposedly able to kill the remaining sperm. This method does not hold water and thus swept aside by doctors. Traces of semen remains inside the duct of the urethra, so no water, no soap will not cause them any harm. Same story with urination: there is no guarantee that the ducts thus purified by 100%. So the rules of hygiene should observe, but to try to replace them contraceptives - in any case. And why do unnecessary work, stopping to shower, if a condom replacement takes thirty seconds.


Safe sexual intercourse

Other risks associated with male secretions. Doctors strongly recommend not only to protect themselves from the possibility of suddenly becoming parents. The fact that the American and European studies have proved the same fact - predsemeni in HIV-infected men in virtually 100% of cases contained the human immunodeficiency virus. What is fraught with getting a lubricant in the female body, talk, think, not worth it.

We believe it is our duty to remind documented cases of recovery of people living with HIV, there is today.

Problems with immunity inevitably come to an endextreme point - AIDS, for which there is certainly nothing. Also, the method of contraception threatens to interrupt several negative consequences. Firstly, there is a risk to share with a partner any infection, ranging from conventionally harmless Candida to serious diseases that are sexually transmitted. Second, if you really in your head crept in doubt, to surrender completely to the sensations you will not be able to - in the subconscious mind will be constantly scrolled if all goes according to plan, and if you face an unplanned pregnancy. Exactly the same situation will occur in the male head. And unwanted thoughts and feelings, as we know, does not improve the quality of sex life, but rather spoil it. Studies have shown that men who have interrupted intercourse method, in a year the likelihood of erectile problems increases by 1.5-2 times.

The fact is that on a permanent basisviolated the human sexual response cycle. That is, an orgasm does not occur at random at the time of the peak of pleasure, and is controlled by man. Force of will, he must get out of your partner, and then still bring himself to come to discharge, though leaps excitation is reduced by 25-30%. In such circumstances, the body is under stress, get rid of which can only be properly chosen contraception.

How to protect yourself from unwanted pregnancy

The use of oral contraceptives orUse a condom - is not only way to protect against unwanted pregnancy, but also to preserve the physical and psychological health of the couple. And if your relationship has become absolutely trust and you're confident in the health of your partner, both in your own, you can consider the rejection of contraception at the beginning of the first sexual intercourse. But before that happens, think well - the risk of getting pregnant, however small, is present even in such a case. Therefore, the method of interruption or complete abandonment of protection should be a deliberate choice of two adults, not minute impulse. Such emotional decisions can leave a very bad precipitate which is not worth a brief enjoyment. So remember: do not get pregnant from a man lubrication, but it can help. So you do not blame yourself or partner for negligence, it is better to use contraceptives and do not try to cheat nature.

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