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"Bulldog cheek" ahead of time how to get rid of unpleasant phenomenon?

"How to tighten sagging cheeks?"- No, the issue is not always defined by plastic surgeons elderly ladies. there was a tendency of premature hronostareniya In today's world, when its manifestations are equally often experienced by women of all ages absolutely. Young, and even a slender woman with a double chin and "swam" oval face is now not uncommon.

Why is this happening? First of all, a detrimental effect on the natural turgor of the skin by free radicals. We encounter them every day without knowing it.

They are synthesized in high concentrations withultraviolet radiation, haunt us in ecologically disadvantaged regions, with which are now almost all the big cities, enter the body with running water.

But not they alone are to blame forpremature onset of our age. Indirectly guilty of her aggressive household chemicals, many foods and supplements. It is extremely important, and nutritional causes - poor posture, lack of exercise, stress, bad habits. Let's see, what to do if drooping cheeks and spoiled oval face in the young, and adulthood.

Eliminate the elementary causes of aging

The first and most important step towards the attainment ofa long time young and fresh skin - a revision of his own regime, lifestyle and nutrition. These factors are literally required in the victorious battle for eternal beauty.

Very rare woman smoking a pack of cigarettesday, and, without looking, eating two cheeseburgers from "McDonald's", can boast an excellent skin condition. It is the exception rather than the rule, moreover, these same units have simply stunning hereditary information.

Even if genetics has generously endowed you with beauty andattraction, you need to take care of her from an early age not to wonder how to get rid of sagging "bulldog" cheeks in 40 years. Of course, the gravitational ptosis - the process more than the natural and inevitable, but still providing a decent proper care of your face, you can easily neutralize and soften its manifestations.

Why our cheeks sag? The reasons for this mass, and did we mention only a tenth of their share. Despite the overall progress and the steady increase in life expectancy, high technology and the benefits of civilization only complicate the "beautiful side" of our lives. But do not despair - in your power to change everything! And it can be done without resorting to cosmetic surgery or an experienced beautician.

We are looking for the causes of the problem

As we have noted, to begin a full andcomprehensive care is better at a young age. Optimally - 25 years. But if the symptoms of old age has descended, you are able to quickly "heal" their own. The main thing - to show a sincere desire and present Rumble perseverance. After all, you have to step on the warpath with the inexorable thing - time.

If the skin of the face drooped, and in the lower part of the circuitjaw already looked through the ill-fated second chin, it is a moment of truth - and right now you have to show maximum care of your skin to avoid the progression of such unpleasant phenomena and mitigate the existing "symptoms".

Does not necessarily have a round sum in the accountswith banks to secure excellent care. Global rejuvenation can be achieved by simple procedures that are available in each home. But before moving on to their practical implementation, let's analyze what could cause premature onset of old age in your case.

Saggy cheeks objectively young age can occur for the following reasons.

The gravitational ptosis

Usually it comes to women, crossed the threshold of 40-45 years, but now occurs in very young persons. And it says not only that you may not be lucky to heredity.

sagging skin and its omission - a direct consequence ofweakening of the muscle-aponeurotic complex. On our face muscles focused more separate than the body. And they definitely need to be strengthened, as well as other parts of the muscle.

Judge for yourself - if you become a rock press, andeven achieve the coveted "cubes", but soon to throw the exercises and start to eat only fast food - what happens? Of course, your cubes will acquire fast fat layer, and will cease to please your eyes uniquely its topography.

Similarly, things and with the face. Forgetting to strengthen muscles, we artificially atrofiruem them, which leads to undesirable consequences such as a "bulldog cheeks." To get rid of them, it is important to do the exercises and local massage on a regular basis.

Reason 1: bad habits

Much has been said about them, and we do not want to repeat,especially passing on morals. We note only that the majority of women who cross the threshold of the age of thirty, knowingly and voluntarily give up smoking and limit alcohol at all because of their own health, but because awareness of the deterioration of the appearance on the background of addictions.

Reason 2: bad posture

Look for people who are constantly humpkeep your head lowered. We almost guarantee you that most of them have a double chin and a blurred oval of the face. Why? Because their facial and neck muscles are constantly in an unnatural state for themselves. Be aware of this and start work on their own posture today!

Reason 3: overweight

It also does not have to add a lot. Subcutaneous fat if displaces muscle tissue and makes her feel "superfluous". That, accordingly, atrophy and fatty lumps all below are drawn to the ground, enhancing support unattractive double chin.

Reason 4: The abundance of sun

If you abuse or artificialnatural insolation, not bothering while protecting delicate skin from ultraviolet radiation, it may not receive the nutrients. She loses natural elasticity and tone, and fades quickly becomes weak, lacking elasticity.

Massage and exercises

If you have eliminated all the possible reasons for his sudden nutritional aging, but her cheeks remained on its original site, it's time to take them to the local "warm-up".

Express exercise to eliminate sagging cheeks:

  • Turn the neck to the left up to the maximum limit, to feel the tension of the skin significantly. Hold this position for 3-4 minutes. Repeat in the opposite direction;
  • Right Turn your head, and pull the lipsmake a motion mouth, as if trying to chew vigorously stretching food like candy "toffee". Do this for 2 minutes, then lower your head and repeat. Return to starting, and then perform all actions on the other;
  • Turn the neck alternately left and right, as soon as possible and energetic. Count to 15-20 times;
  • Lift your head and turn it to the left. Make a motion, if you try to pull the lower lip at the top. Repeat with his head down and turn right. Continue to do the exercise.

Self-massage for sagging "bulldog" of the cheeks:

Clap back of his hand on chin. Fingers should be compressed. Do it quickly and with sufficient force to the skin in the area numb. Carry out at least 2-3 minutes every day;

Place the tips of his fingers under his chin base. Push on them. Inseparably pull hands on the cheeks to the temples, if you want to tighten your skin and tie it behind the ears. Before that, certainly, moisten the skin with oil or serum. Do 15-20 times;

Put your fingers on the edge of the cheekbone under the ear. Stretch them over the face to the forehead. Return to the starting position, but slightly move the fingers closer to the chin. Repeat manipulation. Treat all face in this way. Repeat several times in different directions from the chin.

What if suddenly sagged cheeks? Of course, to solve the problem! And to approach it comprehensively.

If you feel that you do not help anyof these measures, please refer to the professional beauty on internal consultation and indicate their problems. Stay young and charming as long as possible!

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