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Benefits of fractional thermolysis: removal of cosmetic defects of the skin

Age and wrinkles, pigmentationspots, reduced skin elasticity and firmness - basic cosmetology problems. Modern methods of dealing with them, such as peels, dermabrasion, laser resurfacing, very reliable, but they have drawbacks: uneven removed and affect the subtlest layers of the epidermis, are painful and require anesthesia.

The procedure of fractional thermolysis, based on the use of erbium lasers, to remove all cosmetic defects without surgery.

When this is not even brown. Fractional thermolysis - a safe, gentle and controlled technique used for the décolleté, neck, face and even around the eyes.

Laser rejuvenation: how does it work?

During the procedure the thinnest rayCreated about 2 thousands of microscopic areas remove the old layer of the epidermis. After that, the body begins to actively produce collagen and elastin. Total exposure in young cells are formed. Suffice it to 4-6 sessions, so that the skin in a particular area is completely refreshed.

Thereafter, no side effects, and minimally affected epidermis is not required rehabilitation period. In addition, the procedure is suitable for all ages.

Modern devices can significantlyreduce heat stress, reduce the recovery period, and the pain is minimized. Tissue regeneration is much faster than after laser resurfacing. A person can go back to the usual cases immediately after the procedure.

Fractional laser thermolysis allows you to:

  • To improve the color and relief;
  • Rejuvenate the face, neck, décolleté area;
  • Create a lifting effect;
  • Eliminate wrinkles around the eyes, including "crow's feet";
  • Remove stretch marks;
  • To cope with the effects of acne;
  • Eliminates the enlarged pores;
  • It removes scars after burns, cuts, including keloid.

the latest generation of laser devices effectivelyaffect any area, smooth wrinkles, remove age and sun spots, remove excess skin on the hands and shoulders, eliminate scars on the face and stretch even on the mammary glands.

Benefits of fractional thermolysis

  • Efficiency. Laser treatment does not take much time to the same guarantees stable effect. It improves not only the surface of the skin, but also their structure. There is a renewal of collagen and elastin cells. The result is noticeable after the first session, and holding several procedures allowing it to consolidate;
  • Security. There is no risk of infection. The protective function of the skin. Do not traumatize the surrounding tissue. The laser light does not contain UV rays, so do not hurt the man;
  • Delicacy. Fractional thermolysis - the only method that allows you to safely handle the eyelid skin, around the mouth, on the neck and upper chest. Suitable for all types;
  • Physiology. During the procedure, only 20% of damaged skin, the rest is included in the rejuvenation and healing process. In addition, the treatment process is accompanied by minimal soreness. However, many cosmetic defects can be removed in a single session lasting 20-40 minutes;
  • Rapidity. Full recovery takes only 2-3 days. It is worth noting that rehabilitation after laser grinding lasts 10 to 30 days;
  • Versatility. Fractional thermolysis allows you to get rid of scars and rejuvenate aging skin, eliminate wrinkles, stretch marks, pigmentation spots, narrow enlarged pores.

This method is highly accurate anduniformity of coverage of the treated area. It can be used on fabrics with complex geometry. There is also a possibility to individually choose the degree of impact. Minimal risk of scarring and pigmentation. Anesthesia is practically required.

Fractional thermolysis: the skin before and after the procedure

Laser rejuvenation

To restore fading skin elasticity and firmness need 2-3 treatments carried out at intervals of 3-4 weeks.

The skin then becomes more elastic,dense, elastic, reduces deep wrinkles disappear and fine. Laser rejuvenation can be used for correction of age-related changes, and as prevention of aging.


As mentioned above, this method letsget rid of the small and medium wrinkles, deep and makes it less noticeable. After the procedure, the skin becomes smooth and dense. Regular sessions allow you to regularly update the collagen cells.

Remove spots pigmentation

Fractional thermolysis is able to align the complexionand eliminate pigmentation. The laser acts directly on the cells that synthesize and accumulate melanin. Locations laser penetration they die, and the pigment contained therein is eliminated by other substances.

It does not matter how deep are the pigmented cells, because the laser will remove them anyway.

Correction of scars

The laser is able to easily break down scar tissue orscar, while in the treated areas stimulate the production of collagen and elastin. As a result, the new in situ formed coarse fabrics. Strongly pronounced scars are smoothed out after 4-5 sessions. Thin disappear within 1-2. Remove defects can be anywhere on the body.

The fight against stretch marks

Stretch marks are quite common among parouswomen as well as among those who gained weight rapidly. Stretch marks are formed on the buttocks, chest, abdomen, thighs. Get rid of these problems can also be easily and quickly with the help of fractional thermolysis. Furthermore, this is the only method that allows to work with the skin of the breast.

Eliminating postacne

As is known, the effects of acne are veryproblematic. Scars remain throughout life. Other methods do not provide such significant results as the use of a laser. The defects disappear quickly, skin rejuvenation occurs.

Holding procedures

Laser largely without local anesthesia, butsevere cases it may be required. Previously used antiseptic. Half an hour before the beginning of the session on the appropriate place fatty ointment is applied, which makes it easier to slide on the body of the tip.

The penetration depth of the laser varies from 0.3to 1.5 mm. Patients say that during the procedure feel tingling or prickling. After treatment, wash off the ointment nourishing and regenerating cream is applied.

In addition, there may be a bronze tinge to the skin, that is, the effect of sunburn. After the procedure, you must be protected from sunlight.

It is better to reduce the time spent on the street, and in therelease time to use a cream with SPF30 or higher. After the session there mikroshelushenie, which is observed during the week, so it is recommended to use moisturizing cosmetics.

Rehabilitation after fractional thermolysisIt requires competent care for treated areas. It is recommended to use high-quality cosmetics with biologically active substances. Completely eliminate the heavy greasy agents that clog the pores and prevent the regeneration process.

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