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To tone cream stays fresh longer, blush went smoothly, and small skin imperfections do not spoil your face, choose the correct base for make-up!

Ranking of the best base for make-up

Touche Éclat Primer by Yves Saint Laurent - Lights

Absolutely matte skin can be just a doll. Healthy, moisturized skin is always a little shiny! To achieve this will base Touche Éclat Primer by Yves Saint Laurent. The gel base helps you perfectly evenly distribute the fluid in the skin, and shining particles in its composition will reflect the light, and your skin will look amazing.


Smooth Skin - Prep + Prime from M.A.C.

To tone cream and powder are not slaughtered in the micro-fine wrinkles suddenly emphasizing their pre-apply on the forehead, nose, wings and ocular bone Prep + Prime base from M.A.C. And no wrinkles!


Humidification - Primer Brightening & Tightening of Urban Decay

An ideal base for dry and dehydrated skin -Brightening & Tightening of Urban Decay. It consists of hyaluronic acid, and during the day the skin will be hydrated, which means that makeup will last longer and will not harm the skin.


Primer - Effaclar A.I. by La Roche-Posay

Owners of oily and problem skin knowwhat it is: at the same time trying to cover up the treacherous and pimples do not make the situation worse, clogging pores foundation. The solution is: to apply on the skin tone Effaclar A.I. by La Roche-Posay. As long as you please yourself and others a wonderful view, the active components of this tool podsushat pimples, redness will be removed and will have an antibacterial effect.


The base effect of radiance - Météorites Perles by Guerlain

If you smoke, you are constantly in a state ofstress, enough sleep or you live in a big city, you probably noticed that the skin becomes over time an unpleasant earthy hue. Get rid of it and return the face a healthy glow and natural tone will Météorites Perles by Guerlain.


Base Le Blanc de Chanel

If your plans - have fun until the morning, do not worry about the state of the database will help make Le Blanc de Chanel: in addition to all other advantages, it absorbs excess sebum!


The base for make-up, which gives the skin radiance, Eclat Minute of Clarins

The base for make-up, creating a perfectly smooth radiant tone. Through its member Bark Extract katafraya it also performs the function of care products, moisturizing and soothing the skin.
Complex «High Lumitech» attracts and scatters light, masking minor skin imperfections and giving it a healthy glow.


Base makeup La Base Pro Lancome

Give a professional make-up and perfectionExcellence helps specially designed base La Base Pro. Built on the basis of active moisturizing and nourishing formula, it gives the skin a caring care and protection. Base under the La Base Pro vyravniaet makeup perfect skin tone and texture, matiuret it prepares for further application of cosmetics. It does not contain in its composition of fats and oils. It prevents the unpleasant sheen.


Base L'or Radiance by Guerlain

A unique base for make-up with Guerlainnatural gold L'or Radiance, contains in its composition of natural gold, perfectly evens skin texture and tone, disguises fine lines and blemishes. Means perfectly moisturizes and softens the skin, gives a feeling of freshness and comfort. With it, your skin will glow graceful, continuing in daylight and artificial light.


Base Revlon PhotoReady

The composition of the base under make-up includes photochromaticpigments, refracting, reflecting and scattering light rays, causing skin looks flawless under any light conditions - fluorescent daylight lamps to bright sunlight. Thanks to a foundation of your skin will be beautiful and radiant.


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