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Anti-cellulite bath: hold house procedure

Such skin imperfections, like cellulite familiarthe majority of the fair sex, regardless of age and body structure. If the stucco formed at the Fat Lady, the most often, when properly chosen diet and physical activity to cope with tubercles on the body manage without problems.

But if cellulite is decorated with very thin skin of a woman who's okay with food, here come to the aid of beauty treatments.

One of the most effective helpers in the fight against skin imperfections for the beauties of any build can be called anti-cellulite bath.

On the procedure and talk.

The effectiveness of the procedure

Ideally, to defeat suchenemy, cellulite, you need to approach the problem in a complex: follow the diet, exercise and carry out beauty treatments. If, however, with weight and diet are all well, and skin imperfections do not want to retreat, it is important to arrange proper care of the body.

To this end, it is not necessary to go to the roadsalon, you can do everything at home. Massage, massaging cream and holding a water treatment according to every lady. The main thing in this case - the regularity and persistence, the only way to defeat the orange peel.

Anti-cellulite bath at homea beneficial effect on the skin, improve metabolism, even in places where it is impossible to do massage, and indeed, that is difficult to work out. Carrying water treatment will help to improve the appearance of the hips, reduce imperfections on the sides and the back, restore skin smooth and silky.

Baths help bring the body of toxins, nourish the epidermis, making it more elastic and fit.

Recipes baths

To prepare a bath, which will help to overcome cellulite, the following components are used most often in the home:

Sea salt - this is truly a storehouse of usefulsubstances that can nourish your skin. Salt bath the most common anti-cellulite and sold in any drugstore or cosmetics department. To prepare, you will need half a kilogram of sea product in 200 liters of water. Its temperature should be no higher than 37 degrees. Spending 15-20 minutes is recommended procedure. You then need to take a shower, wipe dry and apply moisturizer to the skin. Anti-cellulite bath with sea salt perfectly nourish your skin and improve metabolism;

Soda. It softens the skin, making it soft and silky. The simplest version of the procedure with soda - dilute it in 200 liters of water, the temperature of which should not exceed 38 degrees. Take a bath should be seated to the heart area was not covered with water, the procedure - a quarter of an hour. Anti-cellulite bath with baking soda is done in the course of 10 sessions, then you must take a break of not less than 60 days;

Essential oils. They not only help fight skin imperfections, but cheer up, give cheerfulness. For procedures commonly used citrus oils and other conifers. It takes only 5-10 drops of oil substances, to carry out the procedure. They can be added directly into the water, but it is better to dissolve in a few spoonfuls of sour cream. By the way, with essential oils often make soda and salt bath;

Infusions of herbs. Such procedures will nourish your epidermis in vitamins A and E, soothe the nervous system. Add the water, 500 ml of broth, for example, sage, chamomile, mint or other favorite herbs, you will have some sort of therapeutic bath;

Black tea. He is very good on the skin and helps improve metabolism. Add the hot water 350-400 ml strong welding and immersed in the liquid is not more than 10 minutes. Longer is not sitting, and there is a danger to dye the skin in a darker shade;

Honey. It nourishes the epidermis trace elements and vitamins, especially B group, as well as helping to fight the orange peel. For the procedure, fill the bathtub with warm some water and dilute it with 200 ml of honey. Immerse yourself in the sweet liquid on the quarter hour. Wipes are not recommended;

Milk and butter. These products not only help fight the orange peel, but also tone the skin, make it soft and smooth. For the session, pour in warm water 200 ml milk, after adding back a few drops of oil blackberries, roses and wild rose. Sit in the bath for 15-20 minutes, then take a cool shower.

As you can see, there are a large number ofrecipes for water treatment. But if you decide to make the anti-cellulite bath with essential oils, baking soda, salt, honey or other components before it, consult with a specialist.

For all methods of dealing with skin imperfectionsThey have their contraindications, and organisms are different. Therefore, to take any anti-cellulite bath without doctor's permission is not necessary. Take care of your health!

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