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Almond hair oil - works wonders. Recipes home masks based on almond oil for hair

Among the variety of different natural remediespopular in cosmetology and Trichology confident occupies leading positions sweet almond oil. Wrong way of life, its pace is too high, poor environment, unhealthy food, addictions, stress and many other factors have a direct impact not only on the appearance of hair, but also on the condition of the hair follicles. Almond oil for hair - is available remedy, which has a minimum list of contraindications and can return a shock of hair health and radiant shine.


almond oil

Features composition of almond oil for hair and useful qualities

Effective impact on the condition of the hair oilAlmond has due to its high content in the composition of active and useful components. At the time of use of all substances oils penetrate deep into the hair and are involved in metabolic processes. Therefore, almond oil can be treated strands from both inside and outside to improve the appearance. Each component is important in its own way, and he is given a certain role:

• Vitamin B9 creates a protective barrier for the hair from the effects of changes in temperature, such as in extreme cold or, conversely, in the heat also stimulates the growth of the active head of hair;

• Vitamin PP nourishes both natural andacquired hair tone, gives curls shine, a medicine to strengthen the root bulbs, stop loss, eliminate dandruff, normalizes the sebaceous glands, is used to fight with high fat content;

• composition rich in protein substances that charge hair energy, they become noticeable to revive and shine;


almond oil

• a huge amount of organic acids includewhich linoleic, oleic, palmitic, stearic, arachidic, palmitoleic, linolenic and others. Acids able to regenerate damaged hair cells, thereby restoring their structure, so they can be used to revive the dry ends, as well as for the rehabilitation of hair after a hard and strong exposure to chemical agents;

• fats help establish subcutaneous circulationlymph and blood, that is able to enhance blood flow to the hair roots. This improves hair nutrition, they become stronger and stronger, and their loss is eliminated;

• carotene has a moisturizing effect on hair that is able to revive even the driest strands and nourishes dull natural color;

• squalene - is a component of anti-aging functions, which makes the hair elastic, but at the same time soft and docile;

• Vitamin E, or tocopherol, is needed to enhance the natural qualities of squalene, in particular, anti-aging.

Rare use of this uniqueingredients like butter and almond give rapid, but short-lived results, the best effect only when used regularly, you can achieve a full recovery of hair. The oil can be applied to locks both in pure form and its use as a medicinal ingredient different masks.

Tips for choosing almond hair oil

The finished product is almond oil - is a viscous byits consistency is not thick liquid, which has a light yellow color, pleasant aroma and a fairly low degree of fat. Other cosmetic oils, almond characterized in that much faster washed from the hair, leaving them not greasy luster. Almond oil is very convenient to use at home, but before that it is necessary to choose correctly.

1. The oil must be high quality, you should avoid fake and expired products.

2. In a small bottle of oil should not be precipitate.

3. The liquid should be clear, with a yellowish tinge.

4. Smell can be a slightly sweetish will catch, and totally absent.

5. On the palate: a delicate nutty notes.

6. It is not necessary to purchase large amounts of almond oil. Much better for the hair will gain if oil volumes 250-500 ml, so the product is always fresh.

7. Acquire and store oil should be bottled in dark glass to preserve all their properties.

8. For cosmetic purposes fit both types of almond oil: bitter and sweet.


almond oil

Features of use almond oil for hair

It is best to store almond oilfit bottom shelf of the refrigerator. However, before preparing the medical masks for hair product necessary to get 2-3 hours to become room temperature. To enhance the oil and to improve the properties of active ingredients to influence hair oil can be heated in a water bath to a maximum of 40 ° C.

Depending on the exciting challenges should be chosen and the method of application of almond oil:

• If you want to strengthen the roots, stop hair loss, it is necessary to apply gentle massage mask based on almond oil on the scalp;

• to restore split ends will only be enough only their wet cooked composition, preferably warm;

• for the saturation and brilliance of color gain should be applied finished compositions evenly throughout hair length.

After any therapeutic method of applying the mixture tothe hair or the skin is necessary to create the effect of the vacuum on the head, using the cellophane. Over it for warming need to wear a warm hat or the wind towel.

Duration maxi socks with almond oilIt depends on the skin type. If the skin is thin and sensitive, and components of masks appear aggressive ingredients like mustard, alcohol, lemon juice, then keep such funds should be no more than 15 minutes on the hair. In other cases, you can vary the time between 30 minutes and 8 hours, that is easy to keep the mask on all night, depending on the selected components.


Rinse off the mask of almond oil with hairit is not difficult, they do not make the hair sticky and too shiny. To wash away the need of any ordinary shampoo. But rinse after washing hair is useful herbal decoction or water with lemon juice.

The frequency of treatments is 1-2 times per week. This is the optimal amount for any types of masks. After the procedure cycle (10-15 pieces), it is desirable to make a break for 1 month and give during this time the hair to rest and recover on their own.

Recipes masks based on almond oil for hair for all occasions

1. Mask for dry food tips. Frequent use of hair dryers, irons ploek, the impact of wind, sunlight significantly worsen the condition in the first place all the hair. To make a nourishing mask for recovery will need 1 tbsp. l. each ingredient:

• almond oil;

• oat flakes;

• milk.

Apply the product must be exclusively on the ends of the hair, leave the shelter on 30 minutes, and then you can wash it off.

Another recipe is a mask for the rehabilitation of damaged ends include almond oil, 1 egg yolk, lemon juice 1 ch. L. Apply such a composition similar to the previous, and washed off with warm water.

2. Mask for strengthening hair growth. The composition of such a mask is as follows:

• almond oil;

• 1 egg yolk or egg yolk 3 quail eggs;

• 1 tbsp peach butter. l .;

• the same amount of brandy - this ingredient is able to remove more fat and hair.


Composition is applied to the hair roots at least 40 minutes up to 1 hour. During this time, the head should be wrapped up warmly.

3. The mask against hair loss. Another recipe for a mask, which includes egg yolk and mustard powder 1 tablespoon kind. l, base oil, water and yogurt (can be replaced if necessary curd) in a weight ratio of 2:. 1: 3. Rubbed the mixture into the roots hair and left for about 1 hour in a warmed.

4. Mask for oily hair. To create this mask you need to mix a few oils - almond and any essential of the proposed choice. This may be a lemon, cypress, cedar, bergamot - they all have a beneficial effect on the hair. Apply the mixture of oils to be massaged at the root portion. Then you need weeks polyethylene cap or bag over his head with a towel wrap and hold the mask on your hair from 30 minutes to 2 hours. In carrying out this procedure can reduce the fat content of hair every week significantly and strengthen the hair follicles.

5. The mask for dry hair. For it will need one additional ingredient - oil of ylang-ylang scented wood Kananga 2 drops (can be replaced, if desired, tangerine, orange and sandalwood).

Wear a mask, you can not useinsulation in the clear. Another embodiment of a mask for dry hair removing includes auxiliary components such as any 1k2 brown oil in a proportion in relation to the core. Apply this mixture on the entire hair completely for 1 hour.

6. The mask against dandruff. Such problems of the scalp, dandruff and itching help remove the mask of almond oil and pulp of the aloe vera plant. The ingredients must be taken in equal amounts in a ratio of 1: 1.

Another mask recipe for dandruff: need 2 tablespoons. l. almond oil and liquid honey, and 2 drops of eucalyptus and rosemary.

Any of the compositions must be carefully rubbed into the skin and wait for the result of about 1-2 hours.

Significant advantages of almond oil - is its versatility and the absence of contraindications. Only individual intolerance of the product or its components can become a barrier to use.

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