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A unique natural remedy: tea tree oil for acne. Methods of using tea tree oil for acne

More long oldest Naturopathstea tree oil has been used as a natural and effective antiseptic. The healing properties of natural oil enough to care for the skin and hair, nervous and other body systems that regulate metabolic processes and the work of the whole organism.

Beneficial properties of tea tree oil for acne: means flexibility for the skin

Tea tree essential oil is able to exert such influence on the skin:

• antiseptic;

• antiviral;

• anti-inflammatory.

Due to the presence of such properties ether teathe tree is able to effectively fight pathogens, eliminating fungi, staphylococcus, streptococcus, E. coli, pneumococci, gonococci and other agents of skin diseases. Beneficial properties of tea tree oil:


1. Cosmetic means able to eliminate minor and major skin rashes, relieves itching, eliminate inflammation and irritation.

2. Wound healing properties can find application in the elimination of damage after squeezing pimples, or to speed up the natural extinction.

3. Acne and rashes as the effects of insect bites or allergic reactions, too, can be eliminated with the help of cosmetic oils. It quickly and effectively cope with insect venom, eliminates external signs of bites, as well as the discomfort and itching.

4. It is necessary to apply tea tree ether and such problems with the skin: warts, herpes, eczema, herpes lishaёm, chicken pox, measles and other.

The mechanism of action of tea tree oil for acne: how the cosmetic ether

The composition of tea tree oil is saturated with usefulcomponents and organic substances, such as terpene-4-ol, cineole, alpha-pinene, limonene, and others. Thanks to them, significantly reduced symptoms of acne in the form of a burning sensation, dryness, tingling. How did this happen?

1. In case of skin bacteria begins to occur alteration of the dermis structure.

2. At the same time enhanced the work of the sebaceous glands, clogged pores, inflammation appears on the skin.

3. Such changes and provoke the formation of pimples, blackheads and acne, which if not properly treated, or its absence can lead eventually to the development of cysts and nodules appearance.

4. Similarly, the defeat can emerge viral and fungal type.

5. When applied to the skin, antiseptic tea tree oil in viruses, fungi and bacteria are not likely to remain on the continued existence and spread of infections.

6. Oil gently cleanses the pores and skin has seboreguliruyuschee impact.

7. antihistamine properties, which is endowed with oil, help remove the swelling in the field of education bite or pimple, so deficiencies become less visible after using the tool.

8. It was found in tea tree oil and anti-aging skin effect. The active ingredients stimulate cell regeneration, due to which fade visible scars and marks of acne.

9. Any bacteria that cause acne, eventually acquire antibiotic resistance to impact acting on the inside of the body problem. But cosmetic oils counteract the effect they can not.

Terms of use of tea tree oil for acne

The main advantage of tea tree oil asa cosmetic agent, that when used is not deprived of natural skin protection. To use the ether to be effective, you must follow some rules:


• means should be applied only toPlaces pimples education. Antibacterial ingredients in the composition are the best alternative to synthetic chemistry profound impact. A small drop of oil penetrates deep into the skin, opening pores and giving vent to the accumulated sebum, disinfects, dries pimples and acne;

• to put on your skin oil, drippinga small amount on a cotton swab, cloth or disk, gently wet their problem areas and leave them for a while, or even at night to reduce the size and severity of inflammation;

• Oil should be applied always on the clean and dry skin;

• make sure before usesuitability of the product, as well as its composition naturalness - oil must be 100% pure without additives, finished cosmetic containing tea oil required will not give effects;

• much more convenient to use oil to combat acne, if you first place and keep it in an empty bottle of lip gloss.


Methods for home use tea tree oil for acne

It may seem the use of oil inneat too tough way to fight skin imperfections with the aggressive action. Therefore, you can use oil as a main ingredient home remedies for a more gentle effect on the skin.

1. Natural mixture - it is necessary to mix the pulp of the aloe plant and a few drops of essential oil, and then apply consistency to problem areas with pimples. Alternatively, aloe can act honey, which also has healing and anti-bacterial properties.

2. Mask against acne:

• Recipe 1: Mix 4 drops of tea tree ether to green clay powder, adding water to form a paste. Such a mask should be uniformly applied to the entire surface of the face and skin, hold 20 minutes to dry clay.

• Recipe 2: Mix 3 drops of tea tree oil, 1 part. l. jojoba oil and neatly sliced ​​half a tomato. In the process of mixing mashed-shaped texture, which is held on the problem areas should get 10 minutes.

• Recipe 3: Mix yogurt and '50 5 Hot oil, apply evenly to the skin for 15-20 minutes.

3. Scrub for cleansing the skin. To combat acne come in handy this recipe homemade scrub:

• Tea tree oil - 10 drops;

• ½ cup sugar;

• 50-60 g olive oil;

• 1 hour. L. honey.

All ingredients are available, they are easy to locatekitchen cupboard most housewives. Ready consistency must be rubbed into the skin for 3-4 minutes. Massage movements should be circular and neat.

Home scrub for the recipe for the skin of people suffering from severe acne, is rough and tough. However, with small and medium-sized eruptions he copes perfectly.

Plus scrub that its componentsingredients are natural ingredients, which means it can be stored for a long time. The tool can be cooked in store and take with you on a trip or vacation.

4. Another way to mitigate the impact of oil on the skin - add it to the cleanser, which is used on a daily basis. 2-5 drops on small bottle is enough. When using the tool it is important to avoid contact with eyes.


5. To get rid of acne and rashes on other parts of the body such as the back, chest, shoulders, can drip before taking a bath in the water a few drops of tea ether. This bath technique will not only healing, but also fragrant.

6. For holders too sensitive and delicate skin, for which pure little tea tree is not suitable, it is necessary to consider options for the finished product. Manufacturers often include compositions of its products tea oil with its unsurpassed anti-inflammatory qualities. Very popular and are effective for washing gels, moisturizers, scrubs based on natural ingredients.

Precautions and side effects of tea tree oil for acne

The risk of side effects may occur when using a counterfeit product. To avoid it, you must learn to distinguish the true flavor of natural drugs.

This oil has a pleasant smell, which is a bit refreshing, counterfeiting also has a cloying sweet scent. In the case of counterfeiting for the treatment of acne can manifest such an effect:

1. Allergic reactions - a natural product is not a strong and common allergen in contrast to the fake oil.

2. Chemical burns of the skin - the concentration of means of subsistence is high enough to cause skin burns, but the application of the counterfeit product can leave a much more lasting and profound damage.

3. Skin Irritations - the chemical composition of unknown components counterfeit product can cause the appearance of skin irritation, increased itching, increased rashes, swelling and redness.

a few rules to help protect themselves by using this high-quality oil:

• Avoid contact with eyes on the mucous membranes of the body;

• You can not use the internal receiving oil, the product is very toxic;

• it is not necessary to put on the burnt or overly dry skin that has eczema or burns;

• before leaving the sun is harmful to apply oil to the skin, the optimal time for the procedure - evening;

• in the case of sensitive skin is necessary to advance the experiment with the application of the wrist.

To effectively, quickly and permanently get rid ofrashes on the skin, it is necessary to use a complex treatment: along with the use of tea tree oil to adjust the diet to eliminate the negative external impact and make the skin more rest.

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