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5 simple habits for a healthy lifestyle

It is clear that to reconsider their attitude to life - it's not a week, but five simple habits for a healthy lifestyle will help you to begin to change for the better now.

Forget about diets

Do not constantly count calories, refuseMe in any sweets, and constantly afraid to eat too much. This approach only accumulates stress, which inevitably lead to failure. It is much more correct to eat a bit of everything, favoring seafood, vegetables, fresh berries, and foods rich in protein. Beauty - in positive emotions, but not in the eternal dissatisfaction with her body.

Sports practiced with pleasure

Healthy living means constantsports, so it is important to choose the direction that you like. Do not go to the gym, if the "iron" is appalling, just sign up for group fitness or swimming pool. So you just do not throw out a subscription at the end of the month because of delayed onset muscle soreness and a constant lack of interest in activities. Start small, and when the sport will become a habit, move on to great physical stress.

Find time for techno-detox

This habit of some results in philosophylife, beyond which in Instagram watch thousands of subscribers: small bungalow on the lost Indonesian islands, living in Buddhist monasteries, hitchhiking across India ... On such fundamental changes to dare difficult, but to spend one night a week without internet, walking around the city, it is realistic .

Forget about the habit to compare myself with others

You own destiny and their way - so why are youconstantly look in the other? You are not worse, but they are not better, just one is in place, and achieves its vertices. Of course, it is necessary to press forward, but throwing your favorite hairdresser job, which also brings a good profit from the fact that it is not in status - a foolish decision. The world appreciates individuality - do not lose it.

Get enough sleep and rest

To a healthy life has been a joy, you need tonot only work but also rest properly. Sleep at least 7 hours in a well ventilated room, Teach yourself to wake up without an alarm clock, walk more walking, eating is not on the move, and in a calm atmosphere. Habit rest pales into insignificance in the cities, so most people are prone to chronic fatigue syndrome, in which a healthy lifestyle is almost unreal. Just learn to "shut down" by works, and change for the better will come by themselves.

As you can see, a healthy lifestyle takes time,effort and revise their habits - it does not express a diet that promises dizzying results after five days of fasting. But this is a real chance to change for the better gradually, without stress and disruption.

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