What to feed Jungar hamsters, what can and can not

If you are willing to consider several aspects,Allows you to determine that give Dzhungarian hamsters. In any pet store, you can find a wide choice of cereal mixes created specifically for such charges. As goodies hamster can sometimes be fed dry fruit mixtures, dried corn cobs, rings, herbal granules.

If in doubt about what you can feed,carefully read the instructions and consult your dealer. Jungar hamsters are very fond of melon seeds, pumpkin, sunflower seeds - they can pour, but only occasionally. But almonds to feed them in any case impossible. In the warm time of need to pamper their pets green, leaf plantain, dandelion, lettuce and parsley.

The feed

Once a week, in order to strengthenthe immune system, Jungar hamsters should be given small portions of cheese, boiled egg whites, white meat chicken without the slightest hint of salt or spices. Just occasionally feed Jungar hamster with dried mealworms, gammarids, which are also sold in specialized stores. Eating animal must be morning and evening.

What you can not feed the Jungar hamsters

There is a list of foods that can not beto add to the diet of Jungar hamsters. These include feeding mixtures intended for birds, brazil nuts, as well as the usual acorns. Contrary to popular belief, white bread, bread and cheese is not very useful Dzhungarian fed hamsters. Even if there is no apparent negative reaction, once it can be shown. Is it worth the risk?

It should be noted from sugary foods or in the presence of salt or spice it Jungar hamsters can get sick and even die.

The same reaction from the expected fried, canned, fatty foods. Absolutely can not feed the dry pasta, produce mushrooms, honey, persimmon.

What you can not feed

Jungar hamsters body is not adapted to theexotic fruits: kiwi, citrus, watermelon, pineapple and so on. From vegetables contraindicated sorrel, potatoes, onions, garlic, cabbage. No matter how great the temptation to feed the pet walk, pay attention to the fact that the concept of "edible and useful" we have a completely different Dzungar hamsters.

Do not forget about water. There is an opinion that the necessary amount of moisture hamsters get from food. It is wrong. The saucer of water to put undesirable because they have it very soon overturned. It is better to equip the trough and always change the fluid in a timely manner.

If the diet of Jungar hamster will be introducedproduct, which has not yet tried it, start with small portions, gradually increasing. After a while you will not only be great to know what to feed and how to please the Jungar hamster, but also be able to give advice to other beginners. And your household will delight animal cute habits and good health.

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