The smallest breed of dog are best friends

Glamorous dog fits easily into your purse,It does not deliver a hassle. As it may sound funny, but the little dog - even a reliable defender with it your bag is always under control and the rats and mice in the house will never be. The world's displayed about 50 species, among which the most favorite and popular all over the CIS are:

Chihuahua - the miniature dog among itsrepresentatives. For the first time the breed was discovered in 1850 in the State of Chihuahua, Mexico. The smallest member weighs only 0.5 kg, and the largest - 3 kg, with growth not exceeding 23 cm Recognized record for small breeds, living in these days, put a dog named Boo Boo, it just 10.16 cm height. and weighs 675 g as for color, it can be very different, and the wool is both short and long.


The nature of chuhuahua very funny, playful, buttouchy. In addition, these dogs are quite difficult to be trained, but it is very easy to become accustomed to the tray, which eliminates the need to walk it regularly. There are problems that affect the breed: need special care for eyes, afraid of the cold, exposed to domestic injury.

Yorkshire Terrier (York) - sweet, tiny,fluffy, big-eyed creature that occupies the second place amongst the small dogs. York resembles a toy, which wants to squeeze, braiding pigtails funny, fooling around with it. For the first time brought the breed back in the XIX century in the county of Yorkshire, England.

Yorkshire Terrier

The maximum weight of a representative of a thoroughbred - 3.2kg and height -. 23 cm What is remarkable, the record for the most conservative parameters set is named Scarlet York - dog weight was 113 grams, height -. 6.3 cm How it not only crushed, yet measured ?! Lived is a miracle of nature for only two years, and died in 1945. Now he lives in the world's smallest york weighing only 1.14 kg.

Yorkies are very intelligent, curious, funny -common friends children. They are patient enough, but still recommended to watch their games with the children, especially very small. They also have drawbacks: having inflated egos and stubborn character, often rush to the larger breeds of dogs, which is why often die from their injuries.

Russian toy terrier their views funny raisemood even in the cloudy or bad day, cheer, make you forget about problems. A dog with shaggy ears (although there is a smooth ears) and small eyes-buttons appeared not so long ago - in the second half of the twentieth century thanks to the efforts Russian dog handlers.

Russian toy terrier

They, like the Chihuahua, smooth-haired and arelong-haired, weighing only 1.4 kg to 3 kg, height not exceeding 28 sm. playful, fun, very loyal to his master dog, unobtrusive and friendly, unpretentious in the care - hair does not require special cuts even in long-haired breeds, is easy to learn to to the tray, and bathe them enough only 3-4 times a year.

Pomeranian - a beautiful, fluffy,extraordinary little doggie, which is slightly reminiscent of a child's toy come to life. Miniature breeds include representatives of weighing from 1.9 kg to 3.5 kg and an increase from 13 cm to 28 cm.


Despite the kind of puppet, it has a waywardcharacter, although quite playful and friendly. In addition, bitter orange 23 takes pride of place among the most intelligent and smartest dogs of all breeds and sizes.

Pekingese - a favorite grandmothers and children, one ofthe most affordable among the small dogs. The breed is truly royal, bred specifically for the Chinese emperors even 2000 years ago. The representatives of the breed weighs from 3.2 kg to 6.4 kg (Royal Pekingese), the handsome growth of 25 cm to 23 cm.


Dogs picky in care, but verycharacteristic, willful and stubborn. It is difficult to be trained, sometimes do not get along well with children because they can be simply not in the mood to play. But the great master tolerate waiting hours in solitude, almost shkodnichayut.

Coton de Tulear looks like a cloud or a softpillow. The breed was developed in Madagascar. The growth of the largest representative - 28 cm, weight - 6 kg. Unpretentious food, gets along well with other pets, playful and amuse. The difficulties only in the care of hair - it is long enough and the color most often white, so the comb and bathe often have small pet.

Coton de Tulear

For the exhibition at a dog let the wool thatfully closes her eyes. If you take a pet is not for show, then we need to take care of haircuts or, as an option, braid funny tails between ears.

Maltese (Maltese), warm, fuzzy,gentle, vulnerable creation becomes the best companion to travel enthusiasts or for people aged. It has a calm disposition, and patient endurance.


Enough small breed (weight 3-4 kg, height 21-26 cm) with very long hair that requires serious treatment.

Chinese Crested is completely naked, andthere is an option pauderpuf - soft short hair along the entire body. This long hair covers the head, legs and tail. Big ears, combined with unusual hair growth option gives the dog a funny, playful look that justifies her character - bored with the other just does not happen, he is Loyal, Happy, cheerful and playful. Growth in Crested from 23 cm to 33 cm, and weight - from 4.5 kg to 5.9 kg.

Chinese Crested

Whichever of the smallest pocket dog breedsyou may be looked after for itself, it should be noted that first of all these are living beings with their natural needs: walking with her little dog in a bag, do not forget it periodically release of necessity, most of the rocks is very freezing, so they need special clothing. But most small dogs live with due care for a long time - 15 years or more.

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