The nature of British cats: types of temperament

Thoroughbred breed representatives havecalm cheerful disposition. They quickly become attached to his master, the other members of the family, easy to go on contact with strangers, get along good with other animals and small children. Usually Britons are walking by themselves and do not like the extra tenderness, but good care and love for the hosts respond with gratitude. Outwardly similar to a stuffed animal, but these seals do not like to be squeezed, caressed excessively, rarely go on hands and only at their own request.


However, like people, different representatives of the British breed may vary the nature, characteristics of the care and upbringing. There are four main groups. To what concerns your pet?

Cat and melancholic found among Britishrare, but sometimes such a disposition may develop under the influence of circumstances - for example, if the animal is thrown out on the street or sent to a nursery, a kitten too early taken away from the mother. This touchy vulnerable animals that require special patience and your attention. British timid, shy, very much attached to his master, not taking new people, as well as terribly jealous of other pets. These cats are very clever, feel the mood of the host, are capable of true devotion.

The British-melancholic

Cats-sanguine - the ideal and the mostprevalent British cats. The main difference in the behavior - playful, good-natured, calm. They are unpretentious, self-confident, easy to get along with other animals, they are easy to care for. Habits of British cats can not be called aggressive, you will never see their claws, they do not hurt little children. However, the offense tolerate these animals do not become, they are able to gently, but firmly, to seek his.

Cat and choleric are very mobile, active, butThis emotionally unstable. The British can be very funny and cheerful, loyal to his master, but the wrong upbringing can become aggressive or too shy. As melancholic, they do not like the noise and frequent changes of environment requires quiet smooth handling. Try to direct the energy of a young animal to a peaceful course, Organize for the cat "sports corner", often change the toys.

The British-choleric

Cat and phlegmatic live well in smallurban apartments. Their reaction a little inhibited, possess a very calm patient nature, are prone to sedentary lifestyle, as well as easy to gain weight. To make sure your pet is not ozhirel, take the initiative in the first game, stay tuned for animal nutrition. Brits of this type are ideal for families with small children, are good-natured and affectionate.

Features of temperament and character of BritishFold cats can be seen from the very birth. Watch the kittens choose not only the most beautiful but also one who will suit you liking.

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