Jungar hamsters: care and maintenance on all the rules

Having come to the pet store for purchasing and seeingdzhungarikov, I want to buy at least two. It's not obligatory. By their very nature, they carry great loneliness. Not only that, they like to be alone, so well do without us. Accustom two hamsters to live together is difficult. So experts advise for each of them to organize a private space.

Cage Jungar hamster

Jungar hamsters are very mobile, so the cellfor them to be spacious enough, with horizontal bars. Clinging to him, an additional animal will move, so do not get sick from a standstill. The standard set on the content dzhungarika and care for his housing includes: house, wheel, drinkers, feeders. Here we buy mineral or chalk stone for his Zubikov. Nibbled it, the hamster will grind them. This is another prerequisite content.


In addition, if a cell is large, you can buy all kinds of tunnels, ladders, swings, tire tread. As you can see, Jungar hamsters in the care and maintenance do not pose particular difficulties.

Cleaning cells

Hamsters are fairly neat and creatingContent neat, has no unpleasant odor. To keep clean the cell, it must be paved with filler. As his advocate sawdust, paper, napkins, even the cat filler. Strongly contraindicated wool. Accidentally eating her hamster can damage the digestive tract and even death.

Cage for a hamster

If small pets have organized themselvestoilet and walk only in one corner. Once every two days to clean only the angle and the cell 1 time in 14 days. But, in the absence of a toilet, you have to clean the whole cage. On account of the fact whether it is possible to bathe Jungar hamsters, it's not worth doing. Just put in a cage capacity with dry sand, where the animal itself to clean.

Location cells

Max Protect hamster from all possibletrouble, take care of proper care and the life of your dzhungarika. The cage should be placed away from direct sunlight and drafts. Should be near the heater or central heating radiator. Needless to say that hamsters should not be available for small children, as they can simply torture them.

Do not expect from the Jungar hamsters largeday activity. This nocturnal animals, which even in captivity, kept their habits. If they are kept near the bedroom or children's room, reproducible hamster noise can interfere with sleep people. If this situation is annoying, it is better to put a cell somewhere in neutral territory.

When buying Jungar hamster, organizeproper care and maintenance, in return you will get a kind of generator of good mood. After watching the fuss and fun gestures of these lovely creatures, it is impossible to remember about the offense or the accumulated negativity.

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