How to brush your teeth dog and do it right?

Teeth brushing a must here's why: plaque is formed? The stone that provoked periodontal disease and tooth loss, accumulate bacteria, leading to inflammation, bleeding gums, and later through bleeding gums bacteria can get into the heart, liver, canine kidney, infecting organs. At best, the intoxication of the organism can be solved by means of a course of antibiotics, in the worst case, the dog can die.

Perform cleaning of the teeth can be independentlyand veterinary clinic. Should start as soon as the milk fell and rose constant (approximately - 9-10 months). With regard to the treatment to a veterinary clinic, everything depends on the state of oral pet - if you have a lot of tartar, gums bleed, then it is better to address. You may need to undergo a course of antibiotics, and for the first time to brush your teeth, it is necessary to stab a sleeping pill.

How to teach your dog to brush your teeth?

As with anything you do with your favoritepet tooth brushing should be like a fun game. Mandatory requirement - the owner should not be afraid of the procedure, otherwise the dog will also be afraid. First you need to teach the dog to perceive calm your finger in her mouth. To do this, try to dip a finger in the chicken broth or gravy out of the meat, then let his dog sniff, lick, and then gently slide your finger on the gums. Dip each time, as soon as she slizhet. At the same time, try to speak in the same tone, as if about to go for a walk or play. For docile dog enough two or three days to get used to, and more temperamental may need a week.


Further, the finger wrapped in gauze, repeathabituation procedure. After brushing your teeth dog becomes accustomed to, you can begin to clean with a brush. The circuit is the same as that on a finger with gauze only may require more time, because the bristles differs significantly from gauze. Once the dog gets used to the brush in the mouth, you can try toothpaste for dogs. Usually they come with some attractive flavor for dogs (chicken, meat, and other things), so well accepted by the animals. Start brushing your teeth need from one to three, in order not to frighten the animal. And do not forget that at this moment you are playing with the pet.

How to carry out the teeth cleaning procedure?

Brushing your teeth dog only after feeding1,5-2 hours. Led brush should be at an angle of 45 degrees, in a circular motion, and then up and down, just like you clean your teeth. To press it should not be, because you can provoke bleeding from the gums. Now a lot of options toothpastes, gels, powders and brushes types (normal, such that you can wear on your finger) - choose those that are convenient to you and like an animal.


And now many logical question arises: and why no one yard dog teeth are not clean, and it is they have white and without flying? The answer is very simple - the yard, in contrast to the room and thoroughbred, gnaw a lot of solid objects (bones, sticks, and even nuts), thereby removing plaque and getting rid of germs. Therefore, try to let your pet chew on hard objects, and do not forget to carry out cleaning for the prevention of tooth and gum disease!

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