How to accustom the cat to the tray

And accustom the cat to explain the rules of usetray is easier than it seems. Do not be worry about the cleanliness of your pet - it is capricious, but very clean animals, other than intelligence.

The first thing to do with the appearance of a cathome, immediately buy a tray and fill it. The procedure of purchase should not be delayed, because to celebrate the natural needs of the animal is necessary. Dazhe accustomed in previous cat owners, not finding her toilet, can play a dirty trick somewhere in a secluded place, turning the process into a habit.

What if the cat does not go into the tray

If the cat made its case not on the tray - notupset, moreover, do not yell at the animal. Better Saturate a piece of paper that she has done and take it along with the cat tray. Thus, you show her where the toilet and are accustomed to go to him. Thoroughly washing their place where they play a prank, it is sure to spray odors. To do this, use sufficient even deodorant, liquid freshener for air, cologne for men. In the extreme case, it is possible to apply to the pet store and buy a special tool. Of course, you want to hide the tray away, so it does not spoil the appearance of the apartment. It is a natural, understandable desire. But put it so that the cat has always had free access. Otherwise, all your efforts will be lost. The fact that cats are very clean, applies to timely cleaning tray. If you're going to pay, that little attention - not even disciplined pitomitsy will look for nooks in the apartment, disdaining crowded, dirty toilet. Not knowing how to teach a cat to the tray you can make some many mistakes. For example, take your pet to bed. It's pretty common tendency to blame for it can not be anyone. But, be ready, that even an adult animal is far too lazy to move away from a warm bed, his beloved mistress, and make their business nearby. Still better, if everyone will sleep in his place.


How to accustom the cat to the tray

Usually, accustom the cat to the tray is very easy: you need a bit of patience, persistence and tact. The process of training, if they engage purposefully takes only 1-2 days, and then only controlled.

The reasons for rejection of the tray

But if your cat persists in ignoring the toilet can be covered here are some reasons:

the tray is too uncomfortable or noisy place - move it;

I do not like the filler - you need to buy another. Perhaps a larger or small granules. Try prostelit in the paper tray;

possibly being in your closet, she experienced pain, discomfort - swapped.

Going to the store to buy a tray for cats,do not stop your choice on small copies. Even if the cat is still small, it literally grows over a few months - and it will be it small. It is advisable to choose the right product and the appropriate size for a long time to forget about this issue. You really love animals, but do not know how to teach, to cope with the cat, so she went to the tray? Do not worry: you have just a little bit of love, patience, and all will turn out.

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