Grumpy Cat: disgruntled cat breed Tarde, photos

Such a high success achieved Grumpy Catthanks to its unique angry muzzle. The first photo, which was captured angry cat, appeared on the network in September 2012 and instantly became a sensation. Is it any wonder that at first no one believed in their reality, and some people still doubt whether it is not a photoshop.

However, Grumpy Cat is real and lives inArizona and is a funny name Tarde, or completely tartar sauce. In addition to the happy owners, family Bundesenov have Tarde there are personal manager and administrator of its own website.

This is a real cat

Most dissatisfied with the cat in the world canboasts a nice pedigree. Grumpy Cat belongs to the most common breed Tarde, is a cross between a tri-colored cat moms and dads gray tabby. His unusual appearance seal received in a series of genetic mutations, combination feline dwarfism and malocclusion. Usually Bundenseny distribute kittens, but this sweet kitty spotted their ten-year-daughter, Crystal, who loved her, thought up the name, and left the house.

What is special about the Grumpy Cat?

Furthermore forever scowling faces,embodies all the world's evil, Grumpy Cat funny lame walking and the tail tends to side. The cat is very small and has problems with the coordination of movements. Grumpy Cat hind legs slightly longer than the front, short tail, round eyes, and the muzzle is too flat, but medical standards Tarde absolutely healthy.

Features cat

Grumpy Cat appears in every seconddemotivators, and still she released the song and starred in advertising cat food. "Interview" with this cat has published "Forbes" magazine, and she was seen on CNN, in a number of television shows and news programs. The image of an angry cat is patented. There is no need to assure that the owner of the famous cat allowed herself to quit his job, took the honorary position of his pitomitsy manager. Revenues Bundensenov family tens of thousands of dollars.

Can I buy the Grumpy Cat?

Of course, buy Grumpy Cat will not work, becauseThis unique miniature cats have a loving family. But on the official website of the Grumpy Cat, you will find a huge number of souvenirs with her image. T-shirts, sweatshirts, key chains, calendars, mugs, magnets and even plush toys depicting iconic kitty offered here for every taste and price of these products is not high.

Can I buy

In October 2013 planned output of the book «GrampyBook », which will include all of the most popular memes, jokes and demotivators with disaffected cat. The most devoted fans of Grumpy Cat can now order the book online.

Despite the unprecedented response and popularityGrumpy Cat online, its owners claim that Tarde 99% ordinary cat, and her character is not gloomy, but quite calm and peaceful. She is very affectionate, sweet and does not like to get angry.

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