Grooming: basic procedures

Specialists in this direction have not onlyartistic taste and the knowledge, but also are rigorously animal psychology. This prevents the occurrence of stress in an animal holding lengthy procedures in a relaxed atmosphere. When contact with the pet adjusted, groomer assume his duties.

Groomer Professional Services include:

comprehensive care for skin and hair: a warm bath, brushing, haircut, drying;
hygiene: cutting the claws, cleaning ears and teeth, massage gums, care for the anus;
SPA therapy massage, mask, ozone therapy, relaxation therapies;
Decorative services: model haircut, dyeing wool and claws, tattoos, body painting.

dog grooming

Dogs are very clean animals, they lovetake a bath, brushing, massages, and huddling wool can cause skin diseases. Grooming is compulsory for all breeds, but this is especially true for the shorthair breeds that do not shed nearly. They provided trimming service, when the forceps master removes dead hair. This procedure pet should be done at least once in six months.

dog grooming

spa for dogs

For dogs, particularly those involved inexhibitions, a mandatory procedure under the grooming is a border. Master washing and combing hair, doing the usual hygiene haircut, and then trims feathering on the face, legs and tail.

Grooming cats

Cats most aggressive dogs, their patiencelacking up to an hour. Therefore it is necessary to agree in advance with a specialist, he will have time to do during this time and to agree on the next visit, if the pet provides a series of hygienic procedures.

Grooming cats

a spa for cats

The only cat breed that loves the bath -sphinxes, the others need to find a special approach, not to create a stressful situation for the animal. Combing, cutting and drying like many cats, especially if the host to be near or involved in the process of grooming (pet keeps on hand, says to him, offers a favorite toys).

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