Caring for kittens only brings joy

Pets - it is always a joy. As a rule, they become full-fledged members of the family. In order to make them feel good, comfortable in a new home, you need to pay attention to their health, structural condition. If you are ready to take care of a kitten, you need to remember about vaccinations and medications that protect the animal from disease, various parasites.

One of the most important aspects of careBritish kitten appears correct diet. Cats, by nature hunters, predators. Most of the diet should take the meat - lean beef, after it - boiled sea fish, boiled chicken. Milk is desirable to give the kittens only up to three months. Also, in order to British kitten ate only healthy food, we should not forget about the boiled and steamed vegetables.

Washing and grooming kittens

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Caring for kittens

Wool kitten plays an important role inhis departure. By two weeks of age the cat begins to wash their own hair, but such care may be enough. To coat was smooth and shiny, it is necessary at least once a week to comb kitten with the help of special combs, you need to complete the ritual affection or games, so the animal will understand that you are concerned about it, and do not be offended. Accustom your pet to comb should be from an early age. Care Kittens includes this procedure.

Special care needs to be during moltingBritish kitten. During this period, cat washed more frequently and intensively, swallowing dead hairs, lumps are formed and get stuck in the stomach. It can cause vomiting, loss of appetite and other effects, life-threatening animal. In order to avoid such symptoms, combing process should be increased to two or three times a week, adding to this massage with rubber gloves or rub chamois cloth.

If you have not chosen props for combing,acknowledge: rubber gloves and brush - the most practical. They not only collect spine with wool kittens, but they do a light massage. In addition, you must purchase a brush with natural bristles, which need to go on the wool after each brushing. It will bring together the remnants of fallen hairs. Do not buy too hard or metal comb, they could damage the delicate skin of kittens during their care.


Caring for kittens

Bathing kittens should be no more than oncetwo months. Wash contaminated paws and tail held as needed. You can use a coloring shampoo, but the best one you can still be considered an ordinary shampoo on the basis of medicinal herbs or algae. In most cases, it is not necessary to use air conditioning, but if you have very hard water - it is better to buy it as well.

At first glance, taking care of small kittens requires a lot of free time. Attached to it, you'll be happy to play with such a sweet creature.

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