Care and maintenance of turtles in our conditions

But first tell you about what equipmentyou need to buy before you get such an exotic pet. Waste may only be limited to the purchase of the aquarium, but often have to shell and heater.

Choosing an aquarium for turtles

The average size of the skull are limited to 20-30centimeters in length and width, so their contents are ideal aquariums up to 200 liters of water. It may be any depth, but the animal should be able to float freely without feeling a lack of space. Also proper care of red-eared sliders includes equipment for their land. Its area should occupy about a quarter of the pool area, there can be gravel or sand. Instead, the land is rocky doing, otherwise the animal will start to have the ground than inflict self-harm.

Choosing an aquarium for red-eared sliders

Krasnouhie turtles in the wild live inareas where there is no winter. They are cold-blooded animals and hence the ambient temperature, and their viability depends. For care and maintenance krasnouhih turtles in our conditions with cold winters require to equip heaters. The optimal water temperature - 22-28 ° C, extremely low and dangerous for the life of the animal are considered a value below 20 ° C.

The content of these turtles allows them to allhis time spent in the aquarium in optimum conditions. However, if you have found the animal of origin, in the warm season, they will have to make on a regular basis in the sun. At these moments, you need to carefully monitor the pet, because it can damage the delicate skin of the items or start eating junk.



Power krasnouhih turtles

Care and maintenance of animals - it is also competenttheir feeding. Krasnouhie turtle's popularity largely due to its unpretentious food. They eat almost everything, but professionals recommend pet feed on worms, crustaceans, mollusks, insects, frogs. Favored by their metabolism affects the consumption of raw fish and meat.

Important article krasnouhih diet of turtles -plant food. Suitable for both these crops, like spinach, cabbage leaves and lettuce, sprouts and dandelion. To better care for animals in themed stores you can buy special mixture for the preparation of which the gelatin is used.

Prepare for care and maintenancekrasnouhih exotic turtles, you can get a good friend for a very long time. Under favorable conditions, these reptiles are able to survive in captivity up to 50 years.

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